Rebels: The Antilles Extraction (S3E4)

Season 3, Episode 4

Synopsis (Spoilers)

After the Rebels lose 5 pilots and fighters to repeated Imperial attacks, they learn of a group of elite Imperial pilots at the Imperial Skystrike Academy who want to defect to the Rebels.  Sabine is sent in under cover to help them defect.

The Empire, through the machinations of Governor Price, identify Sabine and the other defectors – including among them Hobby and Wedge Antilles and hold them captive.  Sabine manages to fight off Governor Price, rescue Hobby & Wedge (with an important save from Agent Kallus) and escape with the help of Ezra and Kanan.




Though the episode title gives away most of the overall plot (The Rebels help Wedge defect), there was a lot of important plot elements presented.

First, we learn that Fulcrum is/was not strictly Ahsoka.  Fulcrum is a title given to all of their various informants.  The voice of Fulcrum in this episode (who inform the Rebels about the defectors) sounded very much – in tone and word choices – like Agent Kallus.  But this isn’t quite known for sure.

Second, we get more color around the evolution of the Empire to be one that is oppressive, rather than one that is merely bureaucratic.  We see the Empire destroying an unarmed transport carrying humanitarian cargo.  We see Governor Price’s methodologies being more manipulative in method than Agent Kallus, her having set a trap for the defectors rather than administer a standard investigation.  This episode really underscores how intent the Empire is becoming to rooting out the Rebellion.

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Wedge, Sabine, Hobby

In Star Wars, the Empire as a whole is also a character.  The aggregate set of stories from Revenge of the Sith / The Clone Wars through Rebels and The Original Trilogy show the Empire’s character arc.  Episodes like these help to articulate how the Empire has evolved over time and in response to things like The Rebellion.

Third, we get to hear first hand why someone would choose to defect from the Empire and how they became jaded by it.  We have seen this dynamic in other Canon stories, particularly Lost Stars.  In this episode, we get to hear the story of a fan-favorite character in Wedge Antilles.

Perhaps the most interesting variable in this episode comes from Agent Kallus.  He specifically helps the defectors escape, telling Sabine to tell Zeb that they are “even” (a reference to their interaction in the Season 2 episode, The Honorable Ones).  To her credit, Sabine doesn’t shoot him.

This all paints the picture that Kallus could be a Fulcrum.  He would have been in a position to intercept Wedge’s message to the Rebels.  He was also probably the one to report the message to Governor Price (being an informant may not mean not still doing your regular job).  His helping Sabine et al to escape would all seem to point to the notion of him being Fulcrum.

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Is this Agent Kallus in Rogue One?  Don’t you want it to be?


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