What is Thrawn Looking at?

What exactly is Thrawn looking at in this image?

Copyright Lucasfilm

We see a lot of different elements related to the Ghost crew (left to right):

  • Sabine’s Pheonix symbol
  • An art peice (?) featuring one of the Emperor’s Guard – perhaps some representation of the Empire’s taking over Mandalore (given its proximity to Sabine’s art)?
  • Anohter visual that’s hard to discern
  • Ezra’s Imperial Academy photo
  • An art piece that appears to be a close-up shot of Hera’s mom taken from the Syndulla family photo
  • Two hard-to-discipher images (one appears to be a photo of a primative drawing).  My guess might be that it’s related to Zeb.  The third is discipherable, but nto clear what it is.
  • After the syndulla family, there seems to be three more images: two art pieces (can’t quite tell what they are) and a third that resembles a visual of a creature of some sort (could it be, given the proximity to Hera, the creatures on Ryloth that we learned of in Lords of the Sith? That would be my guess).

There also seems to be some artifacts on his desk:

  • On the left: A Jedi Temple Guard Mask, reminiscent of the one Kanan was wearing in Twilight of the Apprentice.
  • On the right: An artifact of some sort; apparently primative.  We also see Thrawn holding it in another shot from the Season 3 trailer.  If I had to guess, I’d bet it was either (a) something to do with the Jedi (the image seems to be taken on Coruscant and perhaps means he has access to Jedi artifacts) or (b) a Twi’lek artifact. The two dangling sides seem representative of leku, meaning this may be some anthropomorephized object.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

From what is clearly discipherable, there seems to be some very interesting elements representing the crew.     Some of it doesn’t quite make sense which makes it most intriguing.

Given that the scene out of the window (centrally placed) seems to indicate it taking place on Coruscant means that Thrawn is being empowered by the Emperor to deal with these Rebels (an affront to Vader and Tarkin? Or is Vader and Tarkin on more important business?).  It also seems to be in/near the Jedi temple.  This is a scary thought – Thrawn with access to the Jedi archives.

It’s a testiment to the focus on Thrawn’s character as created by Timothy Zahn that these are all artistic pieces and not, say, rap sheets on the individual crew members and the “crimes” they have committed to the Empire (breaking blockades; Stealing disrupters; Destroying Tarkin’s Star Destroyer; etc).

It’s also interesting that there only seems to be one document of Ezra and it’s his Imperial photo.  It might seem, then, that Ezra may be the one member of the crew with whom he has the least knowledge (no image of his parents from their visit to the Imperial prison).  There’s also no images of the other Rebels characters – Commander Sato, Rider Azadi, Cham Syndulla, Quarry, Rex, Ahsoka, etc).  It seems, then, he may have chosen the Ghost crew specifically to be the focal point, if not the target, of his efforts.


This is a very captivating image and it really makes me excited to see how Season 3 will play out with Thrawn’s efforts.  There so many dynamics with the various Imperials we’ve seen in the trailer (Gov Price, Tarken, Thrawn, Kallus?).  This says nothing of how Maul, Vader, the Emperor, or any more Inquisitors might play a role.