Character Arcs in Star Wars The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (re)introduced us to some fabulous characters.  Some of its best characters are illustrated in select stories throughout the series.

In no particular order… and no Anakin (c’mon, the whole damn show is about Anakin).


Ahsoka Tano


Padowan Lost (S3 Ep 21-22)

Ahsoka is kidnapped and hostage and must team up with other younglings to escape.


Onderon Rebellion (S5 Ep 2-5)

The Onderon Arc is one of the most important Arcs as it pertains to understanding the relationship between the Republic, the Separatists, and independent systems.


Ahsoka Framed (S5 Ep 17-20)

In this arc, she is framed for a murder and must work to clear her name.  The last arc of Season 5 was heartbreaking for fans who had come to love Ahsoka.


Maul & Savage

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Brothers (S4, Ep 21-22, S5 Ep 1)

Savage finds his brother, Maul, and the two team up to grow their own power in the Galaxy.


Mandalore (S5, Ep 14-16)

Maul and Savage form a partnership with Death Watch and plot to take over Mandalore.


Rex & Clone Troopers



General Krell (S4, Ep 7-10)

Jedi General Krell takes over Anakin’s clone troopers and creates a dangerous conflict among them.




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Ventress appears throughout The Clone Wars in various roles.  But there are a few that focus just on her character.


Night Sisters (S3 Ep 12-14)

Dooku betrays Ventress at the command of Sidius.  She returns to her home and plots her revenge.


Betrayal (S4 Ep 19-20)

Dooku seeks revenge against Ventress for attempting to kill him.


Dark Disciple 

The book Dark Disciple is a re-development of several episodes of TCW that were never finished that focuses on Ventress’ character arc.  Read my book thoughts (mild spoilers).



Jedi Lore

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Mortis (S3 Ep: 15-17)

Anakin, Obiwan, and Ahsoka land on Mortis, a planet strong with the Force and are confronted with temptation and fear.   (Fair warning – these are weird, but important)


The Gathering (S5 Ep 6-7)

Younglings make their lightsabers.


Journey (S6, Ep 11-13)

Yoda undergoes a quest to understand how to commune through the Force after death.