A Closer Look at that Rogue One Trailer

Finally… we get a Rogue One trailer.  Let’s take a closer look. 


Let’s look at a few things…


Imploding Planet?

Copyright Lucasfilm

This is a fascinating shot as it looks like the planet is collapsing all around their U-wing.  What’s going on here?  Is this the first exercise of the Death Star?  Is it something else?


City on top of a mountain

stardestroyer_jedha Copyright Lucasfilm

Where else could we have gone with Star Wars planet venues?  Desert? Forest? Snow planet?  Rogue One shows us a cityscape on top of a flat mountain (almost like a ziggurat if I recall 4th grade social studies).


Call-backs to ANH

We see a number of call-backs to scenes from A New Hope:

Massasi Temples

Copyright Lucasfilm

Horizon with Sunset

Copyright Lucasfilm


Who’s in the TIE?

Copyright Lucasfilm

So we know from Rebels that more than one person can fit inside a TIE fighter.  In this quick shot, we see Jyn moving towards this TIE meaning she’s going to meet it, not evade it.  So… who’s in it.  And why?  Her father?  What is she doing by herself?

Just as a side-point, visually, this shot looks very similar to those found in Rebels (think episode Fighter Flight).



Does the guy on the left not have a head?  That’s a little disturbing.


Doesn’t this look similar to the shot we see of Kanan directing a missile into a AT-ST in the Season 3 Trailer?


So… does Saw Gerrera cut his hair later?  He looks quite disheveled in this shot (and it looks awesome).  

Copyright Lucasfilm

It’s interesting to see how many Imperial symbols our rebel team wears. Below is Bode, but we also see K2SO (a reprogrammed Imperial droid).  It seems that so much of the Rebellion is taken from the Empire (except the ships seemingly)



This is just an excellent trailer and it’s perhaps Top 3 of all my favorite Star Wars trailers.

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