5 Easter Eggs from the Rebels Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels gives a phenomenal tease for the forthcoming season.  A closer look tells us just how great it may be.

Here’s the trailer again:

While the 3+ minute trailer tells a great story on its own, there are a handful of shots that really indicate something special and exciting.


Wedge & Fulcrum

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The Imperial cadet on the left looks like a young Wedge (that’s almost certainly Sabine in the center).

This is an interesting unveiling for Wedge in pre-Ep4, but it’s not the first.  In Aftermath, Wedge (in a rather terrible placement of a loved character) states that he was recruited to the Rebellion by Fulcrum.  We learned at the end of Rebels Season 1 that Ahsoka Tano was Fulcrum.  But even with that reveal, it wasn’t certain that Ahsoka was the only Fulcrum.  There could be many.  The trailer dialog indicating that these Imperials wanted to defect could be another character.  There are still many options – Bail Organa being at the top of the list.  But the juicy speculation is that this scrambled voice could be that of Agent Kallus.  That’s the more intriguing option.


Thrawn’s Artwork


This is a fascinating shot.  The cornerstone of Thrawn’s character was his ability to understand (his enemies (and strategize against them) through analyzing their culture’s art and history.  In this shot, we see him analyzing artwork referencing our Rebels crew:

A temple guard mask, images of Hera and her family, Sabine’s artwork.  We also see an image resembling one of the Emperor’s Royal Guardsman.  This is a very interesting look at our Rebels crew and very exciting to see how Thrawn will derive knowledge out of them.  In other words, it will allow the Rebels writers to tell us about our main characters from a different perspective in a way that we may not have considered.

One other thing – is this room in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant?


Kanan with the Green Eyes

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There’s also this quick shot of (blind) Kanan with glowing green eyes.  WE don’t know what’s going on here yet, but something is clearly helping Kanan see.  But one pretty good guess – a return of Mother Talzin.  In Son of Dathomir, we see Talzin take control of Count Dooku… and he had green eyes:

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So it could be that this scene points to a mother Talzin / Night Sisters / Dathomir storyline.  It also begs the question if this green apparition is Mother Talzin.


Sabine’s Shoulder

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This one almost got passed me, but it’s very interesting: That bird/owl design on Sabine’s left shoulder looks like the bird that was following Ahsoka during he last couple episodes of Season 2.  This is very interesting as it’s not clear why Sabine would pick this animal. Has she noticing it following them?  Does she connect it with Ahsoka?  It’s very intriguing.

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Chopper in a Y-Wing


We learned at the end of Season 2 that Chopper was a Y-Wing astromech who crashed landed on Ryloth.  So this isn’t a big image, but it at least touches on some of Chopper’s history.

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