New Novels Announced

We learned of three new novels at Star Wars Celebration

I’m a fan of Star Wars novels and we learned about three more at Star Wars Celebration:

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James Luceno, author of Tarkin, and Darth Plagueis will author Catalyst: Rogue One, due out late this year.


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E.K. Johnston is authoring an Ahsoka novel to take place after she leaves the Jedi Order.   (See announcement at Celebration Europe – 2016).


Copyright Lucasfilm or Del Rey or one of them.

And lastly, we’re getting Thrawn, a novel from the venerable Timothy Zahn.  This is a significant book as Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy EU books were considered THE sequels to the original trilogy by fans.  We don’t know much about this book, but look forward to hearing more in the coming months.

You can see the special message from Timothy Zahn from Day 2 of Celebration Europe 2016 starting at 42:44:


Many other books were announced at Celebration including an expanded compilation of Ralph McQuarrie concept art.