The big news at Star Wars Celebration today was the reveal of Grand Admiral Thrawn to appear in Rebels… and more.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is perhaps the most popular EU characters.  And now he’s going to appear in Star Wars Rebels Season 3.  This is huge.  His inclusion in the Star Wars Canon goes a long way to assuage the concerns that fans had in the conversion of the EU to Legends after the Disney acqusition, erasing the “validity” (it’s all make-believe remember) of these fantastic characters.

We’re also told during the Star Wars Rebels panel that Timothy Zahn was an active consultant on Thrawn’s presence in the series and it was a must to make it authentic.  It’s great that the Lucasfilm folks are building this relationship with Zahn and have worked to incorporate his characters into the official canon. He’s a great storyteller and his work is universally loved.


Copyright Lucasfilm or Del Rey or one of them.But more broadly, Thrawn is being made a full part of Canon.  Timothy Zahn, through a video presentation, noted that he was working on a novel called “Thrawn” due out in April of 2017.  Timothy Zahn’s novels are, perhaps, the best Star Wars novels written.  And they’re not Canon.  Bringing him into the fold of Canon authors has been eagerly awaited by fans and we’re finally getting what we’ve been wanting.  We should look forward to more fantastic Zahn books in the new Canon.

Here’s the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer: