Foreshadowing Rebels Season 3

We’ll get our first look at Rebels Season 3 next month at Star Wars Celebration Europe.  What can we expect?

We took several steps forward in Rebels Season 2 and it sets us up for a great Season 3.  What might we expect?


Kanan’s Adjustment

One of the big  shockers at the end of Season 2 is Kanan being blinded by Maul.  This is a significant development and will undoubtedly call on Kanan to focus on his connection to the force.  I would expect to see an arc of him both coming to acceptance as well as developing a level of personal insight that he didn’t have before.


Ezra’s Experimentation

Kanan’s blindness may also create an unfortunate opportunity for Ezra to experiment with the force on his own.  He has a Sith holocron as well as some remedial dark side instruction from Maul.  Will Kanan’s blindness create a rift between them significant enough to push Ezra towards the Dark side?


Lots of Bad Guys

Each of the previous two seasons has brought new villains.  Season 1 introduced The Inquisitor, Agent Kallus, and Tarkin.  Season 2 introduced Vader and more inquisitors.   We’re finally introduced to Maul in the finale of Season 2.

Season 3 could be a great round of new villains with whom our Rebels crew are to contend.

Maul – We know Maul will be a strong factor in the 3rd season.  Not just his interest in Ezra and his contention with Kanan, but also a target for Vader.

Vader – Vader’s still around and he’s still not happy.

Thrawn – there’s a rumor that a certain Grand Admiral Thrawn could make an appearance in Season 3.  This is certainly a significant rumor, but it would also take this series to the next level.  Having Thrawn be an adversary to the Rebellion would be significant and ingratiate Lucasfilm to the armies of EU/Legends fans.

It could also be too much.  Thrawn is so brilliant that one would think that he would be able to outsmart an early, weaker Rebellion.  So, if true, this could also be detrimental to Thrawn’s legacy.  But c’mon, go for it.

Another Inquisitor – We see a fourth Inquisitor – the 8th Brother – in the Season finale of S2 (and we’re assured from Pablo Hidalgo that he’s dead).  But there was also an indication that there could be more Inquisitors.  How many more?  My guess is 0 (he was lying), or 1 (not more than 5 total).  I don’t think more than that is really possible – they would  immediately try to destroy themselves or faction off.  So could we see one last Inquisitor?  If it’s a certain red-haired human female, it would be a bombshell.

We also saw in Season 3 a softening in Agent Kallus’ love of the Empire.  Will we see his character begin to evolve into something more sympathetic to the Rebellion?



There was an undertone towards the latter part of Season 2 that somehow The Empire knew how to find the Rebels too easily.   One speculation is that the Seventh Sister’s droids planted a tracker on Chopper.  The other speculation is that Katsu has been tipping off the Empire.  The latter would explain the episode “Mystery of Chopper Base” but it wouldn’t explain the Inquisitors finding Kanan and Ezra so easily.   Having either of these come to pass would be an intriguing story line.


Importance of Lothal

We still don’t know why Lothal is of such importance to The Emperor.  Minister Tua made the titillating comment in Seige of Lothal, but we get not more real clues to this mystery.  Suspicions: Kyber crystals for The Death Star.  Some other needed element for The Death Star.  The first targeted planet for testing the Death Star’s weapons system (which the Rebels have to foil some how and yet not spoil the plot to Rogue One).   I’d love for this to be the subtext of Season 3 (just as finding a new base was for Season 2).


Outside shots

What could happen that we’re not expecting:

  • Thrawn is certainly an outside possibility.  Mara Jade as an Inquisitor would be interesting too.
  • An appearance by Kenobi, Han Solo, or Luke Skywalker shouldn’t happen (too juicy).
  • A Rogue One tie-in isn’t all that outside-y, especially if it’s a character we’ve already seen.  But certainly not a Kanan or Ezra.
  • A story line that links Ezra or Maul to the Knights of Ren.
  • An appearance of Darth Reven or Bain (via a certain Sith Holocron) isn’t out of the question.
  • An appearance of Xizor of Black Sun (Black Sun IS canon).
  • A sighting of Boba Fett, Dengar, Jabba The Hutt, or Greedo would be very interesting (if not overdone).


We certainly have a lot to look forward to in Season 3 and should be a pivotal season.