Why do Jedi carry lightsabers and not blasters?

One of the most obvious questions non-fans have about Star Wars is why they carry swords instead of blasters.  This is a good question, though a tad obvious. 

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” ~ Han Solo


There are two really good reasons for this:

1/ The Path of the Jedi

The light saber represents a philosophical view.  The Jedi aren’t warriors, they are spiritual beings who can use combat for defense purposes.  Blasters aren’t defensive weapons and would be in direct contrast to this philosphy.

The real question, then, is why Sith would carry light sabers.  The fallen Jedi – Vader, Tyrannus, Ventress, etc – might make sense.  It’s a weapon that they were trained with.  But why Darth Maul?  Why Sidious?  Force lightening seems more consistent with the Sith.  So is the political manipulation we’ve seen from The Emperor.  But I’d also suspect that they would be far more liberal with the type of weapons and tactics they would use.


2/ They work


Light sabers are incredibly effective when wielded by trained Jedi.  We’ve seen Rey unload a blaster at Kylo Ren to no avail.  We see Jango Fett lose his life trying to beat Mace Windu in a straight up weapons fight.  Qui Gon Jin and Obiwan take out dozens of battle droids to rescue Queen Amidala from Naboo.  We see Anakin and Ahsoka take on an entire army of battle droids in many TCW episodes, counting their robotic casualties along the way.   We even see Ezra take out a dozen storm troopers in escaping from the Empire’s gravitational weapon on Rebels.

Light sabers work as a weapon in ways that blasters just can’t.  There’s just no two ways about it.