Time to Panic? Rogue One Re-shoots

The Star Wars fan community is up-in-arms over reports of re-shoots for Rogue One.  Re-shoots aren’t uncommon for big films, but this is starting to feel different. 

Latino Review is reporting that their sources indicate that half(ish) of the film is being re-shot.  If true, this amount of re-shoots sound way too high for it to be merely tightening up the story.

The inception of the re-shoot story stems from reports that Disney Executives were unhappy with an early screening of the film.  Given that re-shoots are fairly common, I found it strange that these would get reported as an issue that the Disney Execs had.  I thought there were three speculative reasons for the re-shoots: 1) Not enough Vader; this is a cinematic choice, obviously, but c’mon – Vader is how you sell this film (though I wish it weren’t – I’d love for him to be a surprise) 2) Some new plot elements that needed to be inserted: a character relationship or a major Rebels tie-in.  or 3) Beef with director Gareth Edwards.

These reports make me think that the issue is #3 – beef with Gareth Edwards.  This film was, from the start, a war film and was meant to have a grittier feel and tone.  Maybe Gareth Edwards just missed the mark and the Execs are freaking out.

The problem with freak-outs is that it rarely works out well.  I think the only film development freak-out story I’ve ever heard that turned out ok was with Toy Story 2.  It could have been a fiasco had John Lasseter not been unrelenting in making that film work.

I don’t know what to think of all of this. Gareth Edwards has never made a film that I’ve liked, yet (not a problem – I don’t like a lot of films).  I tend to err on the side of the director’s vision for films.  However, I can’t tolerate any more poor Star Wars films.  Moreso, John Lasseter has made many films that I’ve loved and he may be one of the Disney Execs  demanding these extensive re-shoots.  So if JL is the one behind this, I could be ok with it.  I’d just prefer to have someone at Disney tell me so.