A Closer Look at that Rogue One Trailer

There’s a lot of really interesting things in that Rogue One trailer. 

I’ve seen it a million times already (I’m not exactly joking) and there’s a lot of things that you may have overlooked in the Rogue One teaser trailer.  There’s some pretty interesting elements that merit discussion.


Whats going on with this X-Wing?


In the trailer, Donnie Yen shows these storm troopers how his stick works.   But behind this group is an interesting scene: a crashed X-Wing in the middle of this city street.  Its nose is in the dirt and it looks like a parachute has been deployed.  Perhaps more interesting is that the storm trooper in the background seems to be guarding the area but there’s a person in a red robe trolling around the crash.  This raises a lot of questions:

  • what city/town is this?  Is it on the world close to the Death Star? Why are the imperials there?
  • What was the X-Wing doing?  Was it scouting? Was it attacking?  Assuming this is the X-Wing that held the pilots we see being marched along through the streets, what happens with them after their capture (interrogated)?
  • Who is that in red that’s next to the X-Wing and isn’t getting hassled by the storm troopers? They seem important or at least delegated.  But they don’t look Imperial.
  • The city scape looks really good.  It’s what I would hope Lothal from Rebels would look like in live action.

It seems to me that much of this film won’t take place on the Death Star but at some other location – perhaps the location where it’s being designed or managed(?).  This planet/city could be that location.  It could also be, say, where Jyn Erso first encounters the Rebel Alliance – before she’s taken in by them as seen in the trailer.



troopers_tanksCopyright Lucasfilm

These two shots are interesting because it seems to articulate that this planet is under Imperial occupation.  It resembles many of the worlds that we see on Rebels that are also occupied – Lothal, Gorel, that planet where Chopper gets lost.  We see moisture vaporators, Jawa-like creatures in a marketplace.  It resembles the streets of Mos Eisley with the Imperial occupation. But it also seems as though the Imperials there aren’t really permanent.  That tank seems out of place in those streets.  That person is being held captive out in the open – I’d expect a repressive regime to have built holding cells into the local architecture.  The captured Rebel pilots are being marched down this street seemingly as a warning to the local population – as though the tanks and the guns were insufficient.  These shots say a lot about this city / town that we’re looking at and it begs the question as to what kind of story we’re going to see in Rogue One.


This guy could be a problem

Copyright Lucasfilm.

This character’s name has been leaked (he’s not a Grand Admiral), but I’m refusing to remember it.  What I am disturbed about is this Imperial’s blatant disregard for his uniform. What kind of person just walks through a bunch of water with his head held high in the middle of a combat zone?  He has no helmet on.  He’s wearing a freaking cape and DNGAF if it’s getting wet.  He’s not looking at the dead storm troopers to his left, right, and front of him.  He’s not gazing the blazing inferno off to his left.  He’s not scurrying.  He doesn’t have his head held down in a panic.  He’s just striding through this water with his white cape not giving AF.  All I know is… this guy is Trouble.


Running into the Walkers?

Copyright Lucasfilm

These AT-ACT’s (I read some of the spoilers…) are perhaps the most enticing of this trailer.  It’s when we see them that we absolutely know that (a) this is STAR WARS and (b) sh#t has just gone down and nobody’s going to get out of it unscathed.

But another question arises: where/who are they running from that makes running through these walkers the path of least resistance?   Some guesses: a LOT of storm troopers.  A bunch of explosives that they set to blow (and they’re running away to get clear).  Or… Vader.

I really hope it’s Vader.  It would be awesome, yes.  It would also be consistent with what we saw in Empire – Walkers engaged ground troopers while Vader and his troops (Death troopers?) land in Echo base and clear out the stragglers.

One observation though… there’s a large communication dish in this shot.  I seem to recall Vader inquiring from Captain Antilles in ANH: “Where are those transmissions you intercepted?”   Could that be the array where the team transmits the Death Star plans?


These guys don’t play

Copyright Lucasfilm

Apparently these guys are called “Death Troopers”.  I don’t know their back story – if they’re assigned to Vader or if they’re stationed only in high-profile locations.  Every shot that they seem to be in, something is on fire or blowing up.  It’s clear that these guys are about that life.

But a friend of mine is concerned as to why we wouldn’t have seen these troopers before (i.e. it’s new and it’s going to conflict with the old stuff).  Other than the obvious – this is all made up so who cares – we should note that the construction of the Death Star is probably the highest-profile location.  We know that the Emperor allowed the Rebels to infiltrate Endor so they wouldn’t necessarily be there.  We might also note that the Empire was losing support throughout the galaxy after blowing up Aldaraan.  So they may have been thin in their ranks – too thin for these types of highly trained troops.  The only other sensitive areas we’ve seen is the Emperor’s throne room and it had Vader, two Royal Guards, and the Emperor. So these Death Troopers could be something very interesting.


I’ve got more to say about this trailer but I’ll save that for another post.  And in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the teaser trailer: