Questions about the Rogue One teaser

The Rogue One trailer was awesome.  But I have some questions and thoughts. 

It’s an interesting teaser, but it raises more questions (and concerns).


When I saw these Rebel uniforms, I was in

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These uniforms are so unique in films that seeing them really say: This. Is. Star Wars.


Felicity Jones’ character… not quite believable on the surface.

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I’m all for fiction and fantasy.  Ultimately though, there’s something about our society and humanity that should be reflected on-screen.  There’s just some elements of films that aren’t just fanciful, but just ridiculous.  Somehow I’m supposed to believe that Felicity Jones – with her lovely skin and straight teeth – is a Rebel with a rap sheet.  I have a hard time with that.  For me, these, are bad girls:

I get it… It’s hollywood.  Leads have to be attractive.  But regular people can be heroes too.  Bad girls usually aren’t pretty. They  may have scars on their face.  They may even have a little mustache.  Jyn Erso… not sure about her.  But I don’t see how they can ugly-up Forest Whitaker to play, presumably, an outlaw (and look awesome) but I should believe Jyn should be pretty and flawless?  Why doesn’t she have one leg and a lazy eye?  Why isn’t she blind?  Why isn’t she as dirty as everyone else?  Not feeling it – at least on the surface.


Who’s this?

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I mean really.  This image is a bit of a conundrum.  The person in the hood kneels after walking into the room.  We might assume that the Emperor is in this room given the Royal Guard on the sides.  But Vader doesn’t wear a hood – just  his helmet.  Who wears a hood?  The Emperor.  So… who would the Emperor be kneeling to in front of Royal Guard witnesses?   This shot could be very significant.



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This shot really emphasized for me that this is a war film.  There’s nothing more descriptive of this than seeing your soldiers – injured – arrested and being marched to their doom.


And who’s this?

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This person is wearing a uniform that we might expect for a certain Grand Admiral.  But we shouldn’t forget that there have been other Imperial officers who wore white uniforms (see gentleman on the far left).

I hope it’s not Grand Admiral Thrawn (he should be blue).  But… good on them if it is.


Very Apocalypse Now

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Those AT-ATs on the beach feels a bit like Apocalypse Now.  This is philosophically significant given George Lucas’ relationship with that film and its director.  But really, this view is pretty unique.  Most Vietnam films show jungles more than beaches – though this scene from Apocalypse now is a bit of an exception).  So while there’s something familiar about this shot, there’s also a lot that’s unique.