Predictions for Season 2 Finale

Something big can happen in the Season 2 Finale of Rebels.  What could it be?

Rebels could go in so many different ways from here after this episode.  We’ve gotten lots of hints from moments this season on different directions that could be taken.  We know that Vader and The Emperor want to use Ahsoka to find the location of other unfound Jedi.  We’ve seen Ezra use his aggressive feelings (especially after he loses his parents) and be very confrontational with Kanan.  And we know Darth Maul is coming.  So things can really go anywhere.


So let’s start with a few things:

Who’s going to die?

While you can make an argument for any one of the characters we know will appear in this episode to die (Ahsoka, Kanan, Ezra, 7th Sister, 5th Brother, new inquisitor, Darth  Maul).  But frankly, keeping them all alive would lead to even better story lines. Just think: Ahsoka Captured, Ezra goes off with Darth Maul, Kanan comes back to the Ghost solo…).

My guesses:

5th Brother and 7th Sister are killed by Maul and Ezra (there’s been some leaks of Ezra and the 7th sister floating around so I’m cheating a bit on this).

Ahsoka is killed by Vader and Kanan escapes (though pursued by the new Inquisitor).  Kanan finds new information left for him by Ahsoka about the location of remaining Jedi (Obiwan?).

Ezra escapes with Darth Maul.


What happens to the Characters

Why do I think these people will die?

7th Sister and 5th Brother?  C’mon. They were temporary to start with.  I think they’ll serve the other story elements more significantly though.

Well… Ahsoka vs Vader shouldn’t be very controversial.  What makes most sense is if Ahsoka sacrifices herself for Kanan.  This is actually pretty dumb – she’s far more valuable to the Rebellion than Kanan).  But Ahsoka isn’t a central character to our crew and I’m sure Freddie Prince Jr has a nice contract.  Ahsoka’s death would be further obstacles for the Rebel Alliance to form, but still leave them with a Jedi, though a less powerful one.  We would expect that things would get tougher for the Rebels in the upcoming seasons.

We see in a recent show clip that the 3 Jedi see the remains of a large battle – Jedi vs Sith – on Malacor.  We also see Ezra pick up a Kylo Ren – style light saber.  We also see in another clip Ezra speaking with Maul and learning of his past as a Sith (and don’t forget that leaked clip of Maul, Ezra, and 7th sister).  The tidbit here is that there some element of the Rebels story that sets up the back-story for what we’ve seen in The Force Awakens.  Most specifically – The Knights of Ren.

We know that the Knights of Ren aren’t Sith and, as such, not particularly allied with The Empire.  They’re really outside of the Jedi/Sith duality that we’ve known thus far.  So having them somehow begin from a Jedi apprentice and an old Sith would be a compelling thread.  It would be an interesting way to shed light on Ben Solo’s transformation into Kylo Ren and get a bit more understanding of what motivates them.

This makes sense aesthetically too.  Ezra has kind of a hodge-podge aesthetic to him.  He has an eclectic light saber. He also has an affinity for helmets.   This seems pretty consistent with the little bit we’ve seen of the KoR. So I’m hoping this is episode is the start of this tie-in.


What will we learn?

I think this episode will be the turning point of the series.  I think this will set of a series of events that sets some ground work for A New Hope (loss of Ahsoka identification of Obiwan Kenobi as their only hope).  I think we’ll see the start of the corruption of Ezra (start of the Knights of Ren?), a new journey for Kanan (find Ezra), and significantly more pressure on the Rebels from the Empire (leading to them being strengthened).

I couldn’t be more excited.