Five Reasons Why The Forgotten Droid is one of the better Rebels Episodes

There’s some folks in the Star Wars fan community who thought the latest Rebels episode The Forgotten Droid was one of the worst Rebels episodes.  Here’s why they’re wrong.

In fact, here’s five reasons why they’re wrong:

The Empire is closing in

We’ve seen through several episodes now that the Empire is making it harder for the Rebel fleet to continue running, primarily from making it hard to attain fuel.   We see an Imperial outpost with significant protections and it is the best source of fuel.  This really shows how dire the the Rebels situation has become.


Vader’s handiwork

The theory that Chopper is being tracked by the Inquisitors seems pretty obvious.  We see at the beginning of the episode that Chopper is involved in selecting the selection of their desired base location.  Next thing we know, the Empire has found the fleet (tracking chopper) and found the system they identified for a base to set a trap.  This feels very much like the handiwork of Vader and the Imperials.  As such, it is only through AP-5’s intervention that the Rebels avoided their demise.


Rebel Intelligence

AP-5 is still an Imperial protocol droid and can (perhaps) continue to gain intelligence from the Empire.  In many ways, this evens the playing field for the Rebels to continue to evade the Empire in the future.  He may even be the key to help them understand what Lothal is being used for. It’s also doubtful the Empire will miss him given his lowly status.

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New base?

At the end, The Rebels at least have a (temporary?) location for a base for them to regroup.  They’ve been searching all season for this.  That’s a big deal.


No fewer than Four references to Indiana Jones

I counted 4 references to Indiana Jones:

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  1. Chopper walking into an innocuous door that ended up being an Imperial transport (a la Marcus Brody in The Last Crusade)
  2. The dots that connect the different systems in Chopper’s 3D map (a la the travel montages in all of the films)
  3. The large warehouse full of boxes (end of Raiders)
  4. AP-5’s “I can’t believe what you just did” (a la Henry Jones in The Last Crusade)

No episode with this many Indy references can be considered bad. It’s like a law.


Honorable Mention

We got to see Katsu Onyo again.  That’s a pretty awesome follow-up.


Look, the entire series can’t be about the Jedi vs Sith story.  We don’t even want it to be.  That means the rest of the stories have to be about both characters and the ongoing conflit between the Rebels (good) and Empire (evil).  This episode showed significant movement in the conflict with the Empire and I suspect will be far-reaching.