Where Star Wars Rebels Season 2 has taken us

We’re through the first 17 episodes of Season 2 of Rebels (including Siege of Lothal) and we’re in for another five.  Let’s take a look at where Season 2 has taken us. (Written before seeing Shroud of Darkness aired – have no idea what happens yet).

We only have roughly 4 is episodes (5 given the finale will be 1hr) left in Season 2 and I think we’re in for some large plot movements.  Fan sites have been pretty down on Season 2 given its seeming lack of formative story lines.  I disagree with this sentiment.  The Rebels writers have shown that their stories tend to infer and imply key elements of the broader struggle against the Empire.

There’s quite a lot to say about Season 2.  There are three themes that I think bring out the critical story arcs.



The recurring theme in each episode of season 2 has been the recruitment of allies.  Each story shows the Ghost crew befriending – by hook or by crook – individuals who can help the budding rebel alliance.  Most of them aren’t benevolent (Katsu Onyo, Hondo Onaka).  They didn’t all come willingly (Fenn Rau).  They’re not all ideologically bought in (Cham Syndulla, Chava the Wise & Gron).

Not everyone was easy to convince (Rex, Quarry,Ryder Azadi) .  They’re not all human (EG4G,Purrgil).  And not all came aboard immediately (Children of the Force,Katsu, Agent Kallus?).  Whatever the situation, these allies have added significant resources to the rebel cause.



There’s also been incredible losses to the Rebel fleet.  While there’s been some complaints that things are “too easy” for the Rebels, we’ve seen several ships and pilots killed several times.  It effected their planning and their strategy having to go to further lengths to hide from the Empire.  They were run out of gorel and they had to go as far as hijack an Imperial carrier above Ryloth.

It just “feels” easy because they’ve always recovered.  They got some back-up ships from Princess Leia and a shiny new Imperial carrier to house their fighters (for now).  But it’s been much tougher sledding then in Season 1.


Ezra is drawn to the dark side

We’ve seen Ezra grow significantly in his abilities.  At the same time, however, we’ve seen him respond to challenges with anger (attacking the 7th Sister) and conceit (to storm troopers ‘I won’t hurt you guys when I try to escape’).

But at the same time, we’ve seen his interaction with Kanan grow as well.  We’ve seen scenes  of (tonight’s) episode where Kanan and Ezra hold their own against the Inquisitors.  We even saw some great coordination during their taking of that Imperial carrier above Ryloth.  Even Kanan didn’t freak out when Ezra fell off the platform while they were trying to steal fuel.  So there’s a growing trust between them – that’s showing too.


More Character Stories

Season 2 has also shown us more back-story about our Ghost crew:

  • Zeb was a Captain of the Royal Honor Guard;
  • Hera was inspired to fly by Republic ships.  And she built chopper.
  • Sabine was a bounty hunter and from House Visla (her mom being part of Death Watch).
  • Ezra’s parents died in a prison escape (recently).

And we still have five more episodes to go.