Great facets from The EU I hope we see in the Future

We’ve seen a lot of great references and call-backs from many EU characters, ships, and objects within the official Star Wars canon. But there’s some more that I hope we get to see.

As far as the EU goes, I’ve read mostly novels and even things like the old Star Wars Dictionary.  My favorites are the Zahn novels.  Let’s be honest though – not all of the EU was good.  As the number of storylines exploded, it kind of got out of hand.

Luckily, Lucasfilm is mostly run by Star Wars fans right now and they’ve incorporated many elements from the EU into the new cannon.  We’ve seen holocrons, Darth Bane, and even Ben Solo / Jacen Solo.  But I hope there’s more that make the jump into canon status.



Thrawn is arguably the most popular character from the EU.  Thus far, very little from Zahn’s universe has made it to canon.  Thrawn would be a great addition.  There’s even been some recent rumors (here and here) that he could appear in Rebels.   Let’s hope.

What might also be interesting is him appearing in Rogue One.  We kind of expect to see Tarkin.  But we also already know what happen to Tarkin (and Peter Cushing passed away already so it’s hard to have someone else in that role).  But… we still don’t really know what role Forest Whitaker is playing.  He’d make a very interesting Thrawn character.


The Noghri are a race of assassins who served Vader who saved their people.  I shouldn’t have to say any more – race of ASSASSINS!  We see a great arc among them throughout the Thrawn trilogy.  But mostly it would be cool to see an antithesis to Ewoks – short, hairless, silent assassins – fighting The Empire or The First Order.


Mara Jade the Smuggler (not necessarily Luke’s wife)

Mara Jade had many characters throughout hear appearances in the EU.  But what is most interesting to me is her as a smuggler.  We haven’t really seen any female smuggler’s in the Star Wars Universe.  We’ve seen Asajj Ventress, the bounty hunter and Maz Kanata… whatever she is.  We’re getting a new female character in Rogue One. So it would be interesting to get another female character in this particular role.



Ysalamiri were creatures from the Thrawn series that were able to repel the Force around them.  This made them impervious to force users.  Thrawn used them to protect himself from Force users (good and bad).  This is a great story telling device and hope some element of this is incorporated into canon.