Theories on Rey’s Identity

IGN presented a few interesting theories about Rey’s identity.

I’ve had my own thoughts who Rey is and many others have their own ideas.  IGN Rebel Base presents a few theories.  Here’s some of them (and my thoughts):


Rey is Luke’s daughter

This is the going theory.  I kinda hope it’s wrong as it’s a bit to “on the nose”.  But it’s the going theory.  This, however, raises a much larger question: who is Rey’s mother?


Rey is Kylo Ren’s sister / daughter of Han & Leia

I don’t think this is very reasonable.  Rey is abandoned at an age where she should have some appreciation for who her parents are.  So I’m not sure I buy the notion that she could be around Han, Leia, and Ben/Kylo and not have an innate emotional response.  This doesn’t, however, debunk this theory.  Han reacted rather strangely towards Rey as did Leia upon their first meetings.  Kylo seemed to know who Rey is/was – and was told about her (he didn’t say he saw her in a vision or something like this).  So there still could be something to this theory.

It’s dumb though.  I don’t want to wait two years for this to be the case.


Rey is a Kenobi

I’d be good with this too.  It’s an interesting facet that would incorporate the other important Jedi of the Star Wars Saga.  This is also perhaps the most reasonable second-option given what we saw in TFA.  We hear Obi-Wan’s voice(s) (Alec Guiness’ AND Ewan McGregor) during her basement vision.  So there’s enough room to make this real.


Po Dameron’s sister

So the thought is that one of the two force sensitive trees given to Po’s parents somehow influenced them to give birth to a force sensitive daughter.  This is perhaps the most plausible of the most outlandish stories.  There’s no real reason for it to be the case.  It wouldn’t really add any dimension to the Star Wars Saga – it’s nominally the same as her being the daughter of new/random characters.  It would also intimate that something significant (or not) occurred off-camera with characters we don’t know about.  That’s not very reasonable.


Daughter of Palpatine

This is also an interesting thought.  Palpatine, especially in his later years, is apparently very secluded.  And although it’s not canon, the book Darth Plagueis had some scenes indicating that Palpatine eschewed intimate relationships.  So this would really only make sense if Rey is a clone.  A clone of Palpatine as a female (or of Anakin…) would be interesting and a perhaps a bridge too far.


Daughter of a Jedi who survived Order 66

This would be a good plot also.  We’ve seen enough from Star Wars Rebels to get an idea of what an Order 66 survivor would have to go through and that they would have found some kind of place for themselves in the galaxy – enough to start a family.


New Chosen One / Leia is Rey’s mother but Rey is a vergence in the force created by Snoke

Little too far out for me.  It’s really amateurish to try and wrap every plot element into one other element.  I’ll also point out that the Palpatine-created-Anakin theory is not canon (and debunked by G Lucas).  So trying to incorporate it all into Rey’s character isn’t something I can get behind.  If nothing else, we’ve done that gag before – we should do another gag.