Star Wars: Before the Awakening – Book Thoughts

Before The Awakening is three short stories about Finn, Rey, and Po.  It is essential reading for any Star Wars fan.

This is less of a book than a collection of short stories.  Three to be exact; one for each of the new protagonist from The Force Awakens: Finn, Rey, and Po.  We learn more about their individual back stories and helps to provide some color on each characters motivation.

Finn was considered one of the best storm troopers ever produced by The First Order.  He was singled out several times for his actions in training.  However, he also showed a strong moral conscience.

In Rey’s story, we learn more about life in Neema outpost and the mind set of the various scavengers there.  We see how she struggles to create a stable life style while also adjusting to new finds and challenges.  We also get a peak into why she has a set of goggles made out of storm trooper helmet eye sockets.

Po’s story is perhaps the most information to The Force Awakens.  We learn more about his background as a pilot and how he was recruited by The Resistance (hint: it was General Organa).

The stories are well written and we get just enough back story to develop a more complete picture of each character.  It’s got several nuggets of back-story that make it worth the price.  It’s definitely required reading for hard-core fans.