Options for Anthology Films and other

Now that we’ve gotten into the post-TFA world, let’s think about some new ideas for anthology films.

Bounty Hunters & Smugglers

The alleged Boba Fett project may fill this role.  I’m less interested in that character and more interested in understanding the bounty hunter life style and community.  We got a bit of that from the Clone Wars, but almost always from the perspective of the Republic agents.  It would be interesting to see a bounty hunters and smugglers have internal conflicts.  A story along the lines of The Godfather, Goodfellas, or even The Untouchables would be an interesting experiment.


Unknown Jedi

The tantilizing element to Star Wars Rebels is the potential for another Jedi to be floating around the galaxy.  We know that there were many Jedi who were more aloof (Qui-Gon Jin).  It would be interesting to see how a fully-trained Jedi layed low after Order 66.  The Kanan comic and A New Dawn give a bit of this, but his abandonment of his training left out a lot of opportunities.  It would be interesting to see how a hidden Jedi would exist within society in the way that Palpatine existed in society.  It would be an interesting contrast.


The Sith

Copyright Lucasfilm

It would be awesome to get an older Sith-focused story.  This could exist in the vein of the Legends Darth Plagueis novel where the antagonist is the protagonist (or if you prefer, Amadeus which Plagueis steals from blatantly).


Battle of Jakku

The Battle of Jakku seems like it was the most epic war in space – and it all happened off-screen.  It might be an interesting story to actually see some of the Battle.  It seems as though it was a pivotal battle, especially for The Empire and gives a description of how The First Order emerged.  This may not merit an Anthology film (though it could).  But a, say, 10 episode Netflix / Disney Channel series (Anthology Series?) might be a good opportunity.


Obi-Wan Kenobi

There are rumors that Obi-Wan Kenobi could get his own trilogy, starring Ewan McGregor.  I’m not sure I’m (philosophically) up for an entire Trilogy, though certainly not against it.  The character merits that treatment.


The Gungans


Though Jar Jar Binks is an unfortunate reality of the Star Wars universe, I did like the rest of the Gungans.  Two sentient species that unify to resist an invader was a good story element of The Phantom Menace.  But it also seemed as though the Gungans future would be in doubt if Palpatine remained in power.  This would be an interesting storyline to explore as well.  I’m not sure it would merit anything other than, perhaps, a limited edition comic series.  It might also be an interesting opportunity to use this story to experiment with novel animation methods or the like.  But it would be an interesting short-run story.


Han Solo

We already know we’re getting a Han Solo anthology film.  Lawrence Kasdan write it. Christopher Miller and Phil Lord are directing it.  We have a short list of Han Solos.  But I also think there’s an opportunity for a Han Solo animated series.  It would, I think, amount to an Indiana Jones – like adventure series set between EpIII and EpIV.  This would also be an interesting opportunity.


Someone(s) from the Rogue One cast

There are also rumors that Rogue One would get two more sequel films.  This would be interesting (I’m not bought in on that yet).  True or not, some of the other cast members from this film may be interesting enough to merit their own stories.


Luke Skywalker

Look there’s a lot that happened to Luke Skywalker between Jedi and TFA.  It’s a shame that it was done all off-screen.  We want to see it.