Legends stories that are touched on in The Force Awakens

Although the Expanded Universe is now relegated to “Legends”, there are many elements found in The Force Awakens that are similar to those old EU stories.


Luke has a Jedi Academy and one of the students falls to the dark side

In the EU, Luke establishes a Jedi academy on Yavin 4 to train a new generation of Jedi students.  One of them, Kyp Durron, was seduced to the dark side by the spirit of an old Sith Lord who inhabited the Jedi temple.  He steals a secret weapon (below) and creates havoc throughout the galaxy.

This feels very much like Ben Solo turning against the rest of the young Jedi, while using the ashes of Darth Vader to show him the power of the darkness.

New Jedi Order


Han and Leia have a kid who turns to the dark side

In the first of the post-Jedi novels, Han and Leia have twins, Jacen and Jaina Solo.  Both Force sensitives, they learn the ways of the force (over the course of many novels of varying quality).  Jacen, however, ultimately betrays the Jedi and kills Mara Jade – Luke’s wife (and fan-favorite character).

And Luke had a son named Ben.


A star-destroying weapon

As noted above, Kyp Durron steals a secret weapon, the Sun Crusher, after he falls to the Dark Side.   The Sun Crusher is a star-fighter-sized weapon that can cause a sun to go nova.

This is a very different weapon than Starkiller base in that it is not powered by the sun. But the net is that a star is consumed and then used to destroy an entire star system.  That’s feels very familiar.


Before “The Force Awakens” the film title was going to be very similar to an old EU story: Shadow of the Empire.  Lucky for us, they changed it to The Force Awakens.