Where The Force Awakens should rank among the Star Wars Films

So where does TFA fit in your order of preference?

One of the first questions for discussion is where The Force Awakens fits in your hierarchy of film preferences.

This is how I’ve thought about it.

  1. It’s better than the Prequels.  Me personally, I don’t like the prequels as much as The Original Trilogy.  They’re not well done, though the stories are (generally) ok.  There’s not a lot of heart and humor in them.  They do have some wow moments though. So to me, it’s easy to determine that The Force Awakens is better than the Prequels.
  2. It’s not really better than The Empire Strikes Back.  That shouldn’t be really controversial – essentially all of the major plot movement and character conflicts of all of the Star Wars Universe occurs in The Empire Strikes Back.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be beat (it’s not a perfect film) and I have high hopes for Episode VIII.  But it’s not Empire.
  3. So the core question is how much do you like it relative to A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.  These also aren’t perfect films and both have great things about them.  This is really where my personal struggle lays.

For me, where I rank ANH and Jedi can depend on how I feel or day of the week.  I think TFA fits right in this mix.  So at best, it’s #2 for me and at worst #4.








Phantom Menace

Attack of the Clones