Where’s the Rogue One Trailer?

I half-expected there to be a Rogue One trailer over the Thanksgiving weekend. Remember, the first teaser for The Force Awakens made its appearance during last years’ Thanksgiving.  So where is it?

I’m not exactly sure.  However, there’s so much Star Wars media out there, a Rogue One teaser would perhaps get lost (though not really with the fan community).

It’s actually pretty overwhelming right now.  We’re seeing a rather excessive amount of product-placement.  We’re getting commercials during every big TV event.  We have magazine articles.  It’s very reminiscent of the “merchandising” scene from Space Balls.

But just after Christmas… I’d say we’re ready to see a new Teaser.  New Years day could be a good time as well.  But not much longer after.

Until then, check out the pre-teaser they shared at Star Wars Celebration back in April.