“Don’t get cocky” – Ezra is on a Dark Path

In this last few episodes of Rebels, we see a lot more confidence from Ezra.  But it also seems like a dangerous path.

Dave Filoni said in the episode of Rebels Recon that this behavior in Ezra comes to a head up by the end of this season.

“Ezra is on that path of using aggression and being powerful.  It really comes to a head at the end of it.”

This is an interesting development as it reconciles some of the rather disturbing dialog we’ve heard from Ezra recetly:

“I’ve escaped many times” (Stealth Strike)

“I won’t hurt you when I escape” (Stealth Strike)

“I’m getting stronger every day” (Always Two There Are)

(While we’re at it, let’s say the obvious: his skills are a tad too much.  This is the same kid that couldn’t take on the Seventh Sister and couldn’t hit chopper during target practice.  We see him now blocking lasers in zero gravity and taking out entire teams of storm troopers.  That’s a bit much.)

It’s clear that Ezra is becoming more comfortable with his powers.  It’s also clear that Kanan’s behavior around Rex has estranged Ezra some.  This is a dangerous time for Ezra and this could foretell some of Ezra’s possible future.