What I hope to see in Star Wars The Force Awakens

I’ve done a lot of speculation on the plot and goings-on in Star Wars The Force Awakens. But with less than 3 weeks left, I want to get out of the business of speculation and just enjoy the ride. But there are some things I hope I get to see in this film.

I’ve waited my entire life for the sequel to these films so I can wait a bit longer.  But it’s also a bit disconcerting that this eternal fantasy will come to an end in less than three weeks.

In fact, I feel as though I’ve seen the whole film already.  We keep getting more and more footage from the various TV spots and trailer.  I even spoke up to our friends at Star Wars and they told me to chill out:




The film is already in the “can”.  Notwithstanding, there’s a few things I hope to see in this film.


Badass Luke

We really didn’t see much of Luke Skywalker being a full-fledged Jedi.  Him being so old leaves out a lot of opportunity to really see him in his prime.  So I’d love to see/experience something that shows how powerful Luke has become.


If it must be… a heroic death for Han Solo.

I don’t want Han Solo to die, but it seems like a good bet.  Whether it’s in this film or another, there’s a strong possibility he could die.  My only hope is that it is a Heroic death.

As a corollary, I’d like to see Chewie be more independent.  I never really understood the whole life debt thing.  I suspect that his relationship with the rest of the crew would keep him around – no life debt necessary.


Interaction between Leia and Rey

Leia may also not be long for this world.  So before this happens (again…heroic and potentially a disappearance), I’d like to see some interaction between her and Rey.  There should be a symbolic hand-off at some point.


Fight with Kylo Ren

One of the elements I’m most interested in seeing is how powerful Kylo Ren really is.  It’s not quite clear from the various scuttlebut that’s been floating around.  So I’m curious to see some example of how powerful he really is.


Otherwise, I’m pretty open to what this movie has to offer on its own.  I’m not romantic about the original trilogy (or the prequels which is not hard).  So I’m excited to see this next chapter.