Sabine the Bounty Hunter

The Rebels episode Blood Sisters finally gave us more about Sabine’s back story. I’m not an advocate of child labor, but it’s pretty awesome (and awful) that Sabine would have become a self-made bounty hunter at such a young age.

It’s not an unreasonable story either.  In many parts of the world, children, often born in troubling circumstances, become enforces.  From Somalian pirates, to Chicago street gangs, children can be brought into very dangerous… occupations.  So this isn’t actually so far-fetched.

What is far-fetched is someone who works for a galactic criminal syndicate would go soft so easily.  While I’m all for bad-gal-goes-good stories, it’s a bit hard to believe in only one story.  If Rebels had more of the structure of The Clone Wars with multi-show arcs, it would feel more realistic to see this transition over the course of four episodes.


But a few other things from this episode arise…

It’s great to see a bounty hunter brought into the frey.  However, I had hoped that it would be someone who would be hunting the rebels, not befriending them.  This season seems to be focusing on developing additional allies and enemies.  I kind of wanted a new bounty hunter to be an enemy.  It might have even been fun to see, say, Greedo chase our rebel family for a few episodes.  But having a black-sun dynamic might be more interesting.

Black sun, another example of an element from the Expanded Universe making it into Canon, is nasty company to keep.  We’ve seen them a few times in The Clone Wars, most notably its overtaking by Darth Maul.  A galactic organized crime syndicate could bring some interesting episodes.

Darth Maul, however, is a far more interesting proposition.  It would be very interesting to see a (final) appearance of Darth Maul.  He survived after the Son of Dathomir comic and we never learned of his whereabouts.  Given what we’ve seen with the accumulation of Inquisitors, it isn’t far fetched that Darth Maul is lurking around someplace either.