Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Status (5 Episodes)

We’re five episodes into Season 2 of Rebels (not including Siege of Lothal) and it’s starting to take shape.

A few themes seems to have emerged thus far:



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The Rebels appear to be gathering new allies whose individual skills will help bolster the Alliance.  Rex, Quarry, and maybe even Hondo may serve the interest to the Rebels in the future.



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We’re also seeing the new enemies emerge in the second film.  Vader (and The Emperor) started the season by clearing the Rebels off Lothal.  We’ve even seen Agent Kallus be more effective, though thwarted by some rather unwise decision by Admiral Konstantine.  We have two very interesting Inquisitors make a real impact as well – having nearly captured and killed Ezra and Sabine (Ep3).  And, again, Hondo could fall into this category as well.



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The Siege of Lothal was underscored by our rebel crew taking big losses.  Ezra lost his parents home.  Tarkin town was destroyed.  They barely made it off Lothal.  The Rebel fleet lost their command ship.  Another cruiser and several fighters were lost during a mercy mission foiled by an Imperial blockade (Ep5).


Ezra’s frustrated

We’ve seen two episodes predicated on Ezra’s frustration.  In Always two there are, Ezra tags along with Sabine, Chopper, and Zeb for medical supplies which leads to a dangerous encounter with our two new dangerous Inquisitors. In Brothers of the Broken Horn, he takes the Phantom for a joy ride and finds himself off on an “adventure” with Hondo.

This is rather dangerous behavior for Ezra, given his Jedi training.  But it was perhaps also necessary.  It’s through these encounters that he perhaps understands both his potential and his limitations.  I hope we’ll see more of this as he confronts new dangers later in this season.


Kanan is compromised

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I’ve noted before that Rex’ presence has compromised Kanan.  He has, on several occasion, ignored several threats facing the crew.  However, it’s also becoming clear that Rex may be a guiding influence on Kanan as well.  In the last episode, Wings of the Master, we see Kanan taking a more assertive role in the mission.  He volunteers Hera to seek out the B-wing and bring it to the Rebellion. It’s also clear he advocated for Hera to become become Phoenix squadron leader.  All of this from someone who was, at the beginning of the season, very uncomfortable with the whole “military thing”.


The rest of the season…

This season has clearly been a stale-mate for the Rebels conflict with the Empire.  My guess is that we will continue to see new allies emerge as well as see some significant changes within our Rebel family.  We know we will see some a Sabine story and at least one episode revolving around Ezra’s parents.