Hondo Was a Jedi Sympathizer?

In Star Wars Rebels episode Brothers of the Broken Horn, Hondo claims, after observing Ezra’s powers, to have been a Jedi sympathizer. This seems like an uncontrovertial statement given how much interaction he had with the Jedi during The Clone Wars. But it’s an important line that, rather, innocuously tells us a lot about the Jedi’s place in the galaxy.

So what exactly does being a Jedi sympathizer mean?  Let’s look at a just few of his exploits:

  • Captured and tortured Anakin & Obiwan (and Count Dooku).
  • Hijacked ship and captured Jedi Younglings and Ahsoka.  Held Ahsoka captive (until rescued).
  • Attacked Obiwan, Ahsoka, and Anakin who were protecting a village.

Calling himself a Jedi sympathizer with a Jedi friend (presumably Kenobi) is laughable.  And that’s why that line is so funny.

What’s interesting to see Hondo in his current state.  From being a pirate king to running alone and trying to swindle Visago’s ship out from under him.  But this is also a great characterization behind how the Empire has impacted the smugglers of the Galaxy.

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What’s more troubling is that Ezra gave his real name to Hondo.  Given his track record, I expect a future episode with him betraying Ezra and the crew to the Empire. That would be a great opportunity for a reunion with Ahsoka.  And that would be awesome.