Where have we seen The Grand Inquisitor Before?

So Dave Filoni dropped a bomb a few days ago.  And the Star Wars Fandom went crazy.

In a recent episode of Rebels Recon (for the episode “Always two there are”), tells us that we have seen the (late) Grand Inquisitor before.  Let’s look at that for a minute (I’ve cued it up to the right spot):

“It’s not the first time you’ve ever seen him.  He has been in the Clone Wars.” ~ Dave Filoni

Uh, what?!  That is cruel Dave.  This is way too cryptic a comment to just throw out to the Fandom and expect them not to lose their minds.  But here we are… losing our minds.

The Inquisitor was a Pau’an, a species local to Utapau.  So where  have we seen Utapau before?  Lets look at a few places:


Episode III (note: Filoni says that he’s been in the Clone Wars – it’s not clear he means the story in general or The TV series)


Crystal Crisis on Utapau

Did you see him? Very interesting scenes, but… No Inquisitor to be seen and it’s kind of hard to speculate about it.


Doesn’t he look like “The Son” from the Mortis arc?

Yeah.  But… not really.  I mean, the Son was a powerful being who wasn’t a Pau’an (and the Star Wars databank says he’s a Pau’an).  So… not sure where that “kinda looks like” takes us.


So where else?

What’s clear is that if he has been “seen” in The Clone Wars, it wasn’t obvious.  My best guesses and speculations:

  • Children of The Force?  It’s possible he was a child during the Children of the Force episode in The Clone Wars (Season 2).  However, his age doesn’t really match the timing.
  • Most likely he played a very brief role in the Crystal Crisis on Utapau arc that was only released in animatic form.

But as for something definitive.  I’m at a loss… for now.