Rex Has Compromised Kanan

We’re three episodes into the Second season of Rebels and we’re seeing some challenging behavior from Kanan.

There’s a few points that we have been presented about Kanan this season:

Kanan is clearly uncomfortable working with the rest of the Rebel fleet.  While he is ok with helping those who need his help, the military aspect is clearly disturbing for him.

“Fighting along side soldiers isn’t what I signed up for….  When we started together it was steal from the Empire, give to the needy.  A noble cause. Now we’re getting drawn into this military thing and I don’t like it.”

In Lost Commanders, after he confesses his feelings towards Ezra about losing his master to the Clones.  These feelings – fear, anger – also seem to prevent him from seeing / feeling the probe droid that lands and gives away their location.

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Rex’ presence on the Ghost is a also big challenge for him.  I suspect there are two dimensions to this: (a) he still looks like the people who betrayed his master and destroyed his life – something he clearly hasn’t resolved. (b) hearing how great Rex’ Jedi General and being compared to him (implicitly?) is uncomfortable.

Not knowing about the existence of more inquisitors also seems to impact Kanan.  This scene seems a bit of a challenge for me in terms of its believably (how and why should he have known?).  But he seems more disturbed by the notion that the conflict in which he finds himself is escalating in a way he isn’t prepared to confront.  He’s still tied to the notion that “the greater courage is knowing when not to fight”.  But now he has to fight – not only to resist the Empire, but also to protect his padawan and the rest of the Ghost family.

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Ezra and Kanan

It’s these challenges that seems to be distracting Kanan from having clarity through the Force.  And that could be dangerous for our Ghost crew and especially Ezra.



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