Was that The Knights of Ren?

One of the most controversial visuals from the latest Star Wars The Force Awakens is a nearly imperceptible shot of Kylo Ren standing among a small group of people in the rain.  So… are these the Knights of Ren?

It’s a awesome and fascinating image.  The individuals around him look pretty rugged and clearly wearing warrior armor.  It also appears they’re all dudes (though not necessarily).  Kylo Ren is the only one showing a light saber. The first quick flash shows them with several seemingly dead bodies laying around them.  In the second shot, a closer-view shows Kylo Ren holding what looks like a light saber.

We first learned about The Knights of Ren in the recent Entertainment Weekly article.  Not much is shared other than it is a dark-side-type sect (who doesn’t necessarily see themselves as being “bad”).


So what are we seeing in this image in the trailer?


It could be an initiation of sorts.  Potentially for Kylo Ren, but also could be for someone else.  I suspect this is a low probability, only because the body-language of the other individuals don’t appear judgmental.

An Attack

We could be seeing the aftermath of an attack by this group.  But an attack of who?  The lightsaber-looking object in Kylo Ren’s hand is tantilizing and may provide a clue.

In the book Aftermath, there is a vignette that follows a group of people who are looking to procure the light saber of Darth Vader.  They say their interest is to destroy it.  But c’mon, who would destroy something after buying it.

Could this scene be showing Kylo Ren’s acquisition of Vader (not Anakins) light saber?  It’s intriguing, but a bit of a challenge.  It would be an interesting counterpoint to (presumed) presence of Anakin’s blue light saber that appears to be wielded by Finn.

A Power Grab

This could be the aftermath of a coup.  The bodies could be the other members of the Knights of Ren who didn’t want to follow Kylo and faced his wrath.  This trailer shot could be the moment when Kylo Ren takes control of this group.

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The Aftermath

We could also be seeing these presumed Knights of Ren coming to see the remains of the rest of their group – the victims of an attack by someone(s) else?  It would be even better if these were the remains of this group trying to kill an as-yet seen Luke Skywalker.  I’d love to see that.

I think I like this theory more, but it’s also probably unlikely.  In this film, we should see things that show how powerful the Knights of Ren are.  This theory wouldn’t really contribute to this, other than to say that the only thing more powerful that the KoR is Luke Skywalker.  I can only hope.


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