Best Star Wars Trailer To-Date

The Trailers for The Force Awakens have been fantastic.  They’ve been emotional and well-crafted.  They also didn’t give away much of the overall story.  But so were the other Star Wars film trailers.  So it begs the question: which trailer is the best?

Let’s only consider trailers and teaser for the seven feature films (we’ll leave Rebels and The Clone Wars out).

For my money, my top 5 are the following:


1. The Force Awakens Trailer 

This is simply the most visually stunning, emotionally engaging, and entertaining (in terms of storytelling) of all of the trailers.


2. The Phantom Menace Trailer

This is a close second.  This film looks great, even though the film isn’t great.  It is both visually stunning and tells an exciting story.


3. Attack of The Clones Trailer 

The tone and emotion within this trailer are what set this apart.   Even though Episode III contains far more action and plot movement of the prequels, this trailer tells a much more compelling story.  It even exceeds the engagement of The Force Awakens Teaser 2, though perhaps not the emotional investment that goes along with that film.


4. The Force Awakens Teaser 2 

This trailer only trails episode II because it lacks some of the story telling elements of the AoTC trailer.  It is visually engaging, but also emotionally engaging.  It provides significant interest of the characters which we see only very briefly.  It also ends with an emotional surprise.



5. A New Hope / Revenge of the Sith (tie,or whatever I can’t decide)


These are, for me, by far the best at storytelling.  They all are visually exciting and emotional in their tenor.  They are works of art that really stand on their own – as they should because the prequels weren’t very good films, but their trailers are great.

This is also, obviously, another excuse to show and watch the new The Force Awakens trailer.  Notwithstanding, there are some interesting observation about these trailers:

It’s interesting how much the Episode VII trailer & teaser take from some of the styles of the Episodes I and II trailers.  The piano theme at the beginning of The Force Awakens trailer is stylistically similar to the horn theme at the beginning of the Attack of the Clones trailer, but provides a very different feel.  The pace of The Phantom Menace trailer feels similar to The second Force Awakens Trailer.

It’s also important to note that not every shot was used in the final film.  This is not atypical, but also notes that not everything that we’ve seen in the latest TFA trailer may make it in (Luke & Artoo shot would be my guess).

Here are the trailers listed in the Star Wars Youtube Account: