The Box Office Awakens – The Force Awakens breaks records and the internet

I got my tickets at 5:00 on October 19. There were only about 10 people in front of me in line. I got as many tickets as I wanted. Frankly, it was far easier than I thought. It also seems I got lucky. Ticket sales quickly got out of control.

The Force Awakens has already started breaking box office records and, in the case of the internet, the box offices themselves.

IMAX sold out its opening weekend with ticket sales of $6.5 Million – crushing the previous record of $1 Million held by three films (Batman, Hunger Games, Avengers – doesn’t really matter which ones).

Fandango’s ticket demand was 7X its previous peak record.

MovieTickets ticket sales for the 19th+ were over 95% for The Force Awakens.

AMC had to keep adding new shows to opening weekend to keep up with demand.

Even Fortune Magazine got positive on The Force Awakens fortunes.

Forbes, in particular, seems very upbeat about the box office prospects.  They even seem to be in agreement with my $250 Million guess for U.S. opening weekend.


Just for comparison, here are what the current Star Wars films have made throughout their combined theater release:


Film Year Opening   $MM US Gross  $MM World Gross $MM
Episode IV 1977  $ 1.55  $ 460 $ 786
Episode V 1980 $ 4.91  $ 290 $ 534
Episode VI 1983  $ 23.0 $ 309 $ 572
Episode I 1999  $ 64.8 $ 464 $ 1,027
Episode II 2002  $ 80.0 $ 302 $ 648
Episode III 2005  $ 108 $ 380 $ 848