New Star Wars Poster!

We have a poster:


A few observations:

  • We have a Death Star looking thing in the top/right of the poster.  We don’t know what this and we hope it’s not another Death Star.  Rumors have indicated that the First Order has some weapon capable of destroying an entire Star.  Could this be the real Star Killer base?  We’ve seen this trope before, and it’s a bit tired.  But it’s a really great trope.  In many ways, The Empire represents a government that produces fascist-style weapons.  It would be interesting to have a different type of weapon (think: the opposite of Genesis from Star Trek 2 – something that destroys all life on planets without destroying the planet).
  • Thematically, the poster is divided into two color sections: the red, left side dominated by Kylo Ren and the blue, right side dominated by Finn.  However, that same side also features Star Destroyers (or whatever they are now) and the left side contains X-wings.  This seems ton mix the perception of good/bad and may be indicative of the overall theme.
  • We see an interesting small creature next to Artoo.
  • We see a few types of storm troopers along the bottom
  • In the bottom credits, Adam Driver is listed first.  This could be for a variety of (back-room dealing) reasons, but it could also reflect what happens in the film.  We’ll see.

Up next… trailer…