We All Have A Choice

The Lost Commanders episode of Star Wars Rebels was a bit less action-packed than previous episodes.  But it was critical as it exposed some important elements about Kanan through his interactions with Rex.

“Later they said they had chips in the heads and they had no choice.” ~ Kanan

“Wolf, Gregor, and I all had our chips removed.  We all have a choice.” ~ Rex

Kanan / Caleb’s  life changed when he witnessed his Master was killed by the Clone Troopers along side they fought in The Clone Wars.  Rex, Gregor, and Wolff all look like the same guys who betrayed them.  This destroyed the life he knew and forced him into a life for which he was unprepared.  Kanan’s confusion about himself and his life is rooted in this moment.  In many ways, the Clone’s betrayal also confused his connection with the Force and his Jedi training.  Distancing himself from his Jedi background also distances himself from this tragedy.

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This mission to find Rex, then, has become a trail of faith and insight for Kanan.  We see throughout the episode that Kanan’s anger towards the Clones distracts him from the eminent danger that emerges.    While Ezra remains engaged and willing to trust through the conflict, Kanan withdraws and is continually suspicious.  Ezra’s faith remained even when Sabine discovered Wolff’s treachery.  Kanan, jumped to blame and not to understand.

This is very dangerous.  Asajj Ventress serves as an example of how the anger and fear of losing one’s master drove her to the Dark Side.  We are seeing Kanan’s ability compromised through this entire encounter.

This episode is a To Be Continued so we will see how this resolves.  However, it is clear that Rex’ impact on Kanan could either strengthen his resolve or leave him diminished and vulnerable.