Insights from the new Star Wars Rebels Trailer(s)

The premier of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 is upon us and we’ve gotten some very interesting plot points from the latest  Trailer and TV spots.  Let’s take a look.

First, take a look at this

…and this….



In seemingly a continuation of the Children of the Force theme from The Clone Wars and the opening to Spark of Rebellion, the Inquisitors are taking Jedi sensitive children.



We see that prototype B-wing again.

We also see a specialized Star Destroyer in the trailer.  The insinuation from the trailer is that it can pull ships out of hyperspace.  However, unfortunately it may be short-lived as the TV spot shows it blowing up.


Kanan and Rex

Perhaps the most interesting dynamic to look forward to is the interaction between Kanan and Rex.  Rex proclaims “I would never be on their side”.  It’s a bit unclear who’s “side” he’s talking about, but we hope it’s the Empire.  We may also get some back-story, clarification on his whereabouts and participation (or lack thereof) during Order 66.



“What if I don’t want to be either”.  We hear Ezra say this in the Disney XD TV spot.  This could be a tease, but it could also be an element to Ezra’s character arc.

Ezra somehow is by himself when he encounters Hondo. And uses his light sabers.  That’s certainly fun, but we also need to watch out for Hondo (given how he’s treated Jedi apprentices in The Clone Wars).

The biggest tease in the trailer w/r/t Ezra is that his parents are/may be alive.  This could be dangerous for Ezra as this attachment may push him towards the Dark Side.



Perhaps the biggest teases are that Sabine is somehow related to Pre Vizsla and used to be a bounty hunter.  She is apparently confronted by someone from her past – a partner; a relative; a parent.  My guess (hope) would be it’s Bo-Katan Kryze, sister of Dutchess Satine and a member of Death Watch from The Clone Wars.  And my hope is that she’s Sabine’s mother.  She would also be an interesting character because she’s probably very suspicious of the Jedi and may have an interesting perspective on Sabine working with Kanan.