They’ll All Be coming: Foreshadowing Rebels Season 3

Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels promises several Clone Wars era characters. We’ve already seen Ahsoka Tano and expect visits from Rex and some other clone troopers.

We should remember, though, that Rebels as a series serves as a means of bridging the prequel era and the original trilogy era. Ezra Bridger’s name reflect’s this intent.  It seems as though Season 2 is bringing many of the characters from the prequel / Clone Wars era.  Since the series perhaps won’t last more than three seasons then we might surmise that the 3rd season may be something more ‘future’ looking.  So who/what might we see in Season 3 (and maybe 2)?

I’ve talked about this a bit before and I think my original thoughts might still hold.  But here are a few thoughts:


Rogue Squadron

It would be great to see the beginnings of Rogue Squadron (or, whatever they called the group of orange flight suit pilots in A New Hope before Luke got there).  Biggs Darklighter or Garven Dreis would be interesting characters to feature (could be an issue with Biggs in terms of timing, but since the deleted scenes aren’t canon, then…maybe).  This would be a great character thread that would give more context to the fleet used to blow up the first Death Star.

We’ve already seen the A-Wing.  We’ve seen from the Season 2 trailer what looks like a prototype B-wing. It would be interesting to see the incorporation of an X-wing at some point in the series as well.


Rogue One precursors

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Rogue One premiers on December 16, 2016.  Season 3 of Rebels premiers, presumably, in October 2016.  That’s a perfect opportunity for a series / film tie-in.  We don’t know enough about the characters or plot elements of Rogue One to be able to do too much speculation.  One speculation from the release Rogue One cast photo is that the motley crew are in the Massassi temple on Yavin IV (“Safe Haven” from Siege of Lothal?).  This would be a great location element that could be tied in.  They’ve also kinda done that in Season 1 of Rebels with the Anaxis base (also seen in The Bad Batch Arc from the uncompleted Clone Wars episodes).


Alderaan Conspiracy

We the Empire wasn’t playing when we saw Tarkin use the Death Star to destroy Alderaan.  The film indicated that it was used as a way of coercing a confession from Princess Leia.  But that seems a bit too easy.  Given the pervasiveness of Bail Organa’s character trough Episodes II, III, Rebels, it would seem that there’s more to the Alderaan story than just twisting Princess Leia’s arm.

I understand that the recent Princess Leia comic talks about this a bit and I think it’s an interesting angle.  Some kind of Imperial action to uncover Alderaan’s role in the alliance would be a great way to incorporate Leia into the Rebels story as well as provide a broader context for Episode IV.


Bounty Hunters

I’m not a big fan of incorporating Boba Fett into Rebels.  He’s been baked into everything at this point and it’s a bit over done.  It would be interesting to see some element of bounty hunters in Season 3.  We even see a few options in the added scene with Jabba the Hutt in Episode IV.

A Jabba appearance would be interesting too though we got a good amount of that during The Clone Wars.  It would be interesting to see Visago cross Jabba and get his wrath.  It would add more texture to Han Solo’s situation in the Original Trilogy.


These would also be cool: