Speculation on the Top Secret Character on Rebels

On the Star Wars Rebels blue ray, Executive Producer Dave Filoni mentions a “Top Secret Character with major implications for the future of our characters” who will appear in Season 2.

Really, here it is:

So who could it be?  I mean, that type of hyperbole should really be saved for characters such as Vader, The Emperor, Tarkin, Palpatine, Obiwan Kenobi, Lando, Yoda, Rex or Ahsoka.  But they’ve all been in Rebels in some form or fashion.

Here’s some thoughts:



Princess Leia: I think it’s almost a certainty that Princess Leia will show up in Rebels at some point.  I just don’t see her being top secret and game changing.

Han Solo and/or Chewbacca: These are possible, especially since we’ve seen other smugglers and Lando.  But since he’s already getting his own film that may take place around this time period, it’s probably less likely that they’ll make another (canon) appearance.

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Luke Skywalker: The main episode films are all about Luke Skywalker. Including him in Rebels would be a bit overkill. He’s just a young teenager in this series so there certainly would be an interesting way to include him. But I don’t see how he could be a “game changer” for the crew.  It would just be something for the rating (which I’m not against, I’m just saying).

Onderon Rebels: This is a little more likely as we’ve seen the storyline with Ahsoka helping with these rebels to remove the Separatists from their world.  Involvement from this group (Lux Bonteri, Saw Guerrera) would also be a game changer for this rebel group to perhaps increase their tactics into something much more threatening to the Empire.


Old Jedi

Mace Windu: This isn’t out of the question.  It’s true, he was force lighteninged out of a tall building.  But he’s also a Jedi.  It’s possible he lived and remained hidden / silent / coma for some period of time.  He definitely would be a game changer

Qui-gon Jinn: We’ve seen him in a kinda force ghost format in Season 6 of The Clone Wars.  I’m not sure how his appearance would be a game changer though.

Unknown Jedi: We could also get a new, unseen or unknown Jedi character.  This would be my preference as it would still tread new ground rather than dig up some old prequel / Clone Wars character with whom we’ve already gone through some arc.


Old Sith

Darth Maul: We never did see Darth Maul Die.  I’m not a fan of bringing him back again.  It’s also kind of strange that some crazy Sith is just out in the galaxy being quiet. But he would certainly cause some game-changing problems for the Rebels.  It would also say something about the ghost crew if they (as a team) were the ones who killed him.

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Mother Talzin: Wouldn’t be on this.  I think Season 6 of The Clone Wars was meant to end the Night Sisters storyline.  But she would be interesting.


Bounty Hunters

Boba Fett, Cad Bane: I hope not, but these characters would certainly be game changers.  Cad Bane is also still alive, but you’d think he would have retired by this time.

Jaba The Hutt: He would be an interesting entanglement for the ghost crew.  He’s powerful in this time and has reach throughout the outer rim.  He also has bounty hunters available to him.


Greedo: Not sure Greedo is a game changer, but it would be interesting to see some characterization of him so that we can have some context for his run-in with Han Solo (was he a scrub or someone to be feared?).



Not sure if there’s an Admiral Piett laying around that needs to be feared.  But a special imperial officer would be an interesting wrinkle.  But we already have Tarkin and other interesting imperials.  I’m not sure this moves the needle.

Thrawn: I don’t think Lucasfilm wants to go down this road with a Legends character.  Thrawn is arguably the most important Legends character.  It would be great to finally make him Canon, even if his character is a bit different than in the Zahn universe.

Mara Jade: This would be as controversial as making Thrawn Canon.  She would fit the Inquisitor role very nicely.  But since her character is so tightly tied to Luke Skywalker, it could be too controversial if they didn’t do her character justice.



Jar Jar Binks: No.


My best bet is that this Top Secret character is either Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Saw Guerrera, or a new Jedi.




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