Everything we know about Rogue One

Filming on the Rogue One Anthology film began recently. It’s schedule for release  in December 2016.  We can’t wait.  Let’s look at everything we know about it so far.


The basic plot surrounds a group of commandos, smugglers, and bounty hunters conspire to steal the plans to the first Death Star.  The opening scroll from A New Hope really gives the overall gist of the story:


Copyright Lucasfilm
A New Hope opening scroll


But it says a lot. The Death Star plans are really the element (mulligan) of the Original Star Wars trilogy that enables the rest of the trilogy to occur.  It’s what brings our primary characters into contact with each other.  It articulates why the Empire finds these rather random group of people incredibly important.  This movie, then, provides a story to perhaps the more important unmentioned plot element of the entire Star Wars Saga.  And that really matters.

RebelsReport has some  sneaky set photos of the early filming.




Director: Gareth Edwards

This seems to be a bit of a strange choice given his resume –  Godzilla, Monsters, and End Day.  But the common thread of these films (that I admittedly haven’t seen and probably never will) is that they’re more or less futuristic disaster films that have strong focus on a character.  That’s kind of what Rogue One is attempting to accomplish.  So this seems to be the right creative choice.

Furthermore, the rest of the cast includes individuals who have worked on films like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Zero Dark Thirty.

Here’s the interview at SWCC with Gareth Edwards:




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The full cast isn’t really known (though we have a photo now), nor are the characters they are to play (only speculation exists, though Felicity Jones is presumed to play a main character).  But there’s a few that are more or less confirmed and a few more that are only rumored.   Their characters are unknown.  And since these are new characters it’s hard to speculate.

Felicty Jones

Diego Luna

Sam Claflin

Jiang Wen

Ben Mendelsohn

Donnie Yen (IP Man)

Forest Whitaker (Last King of Scotland, Bloodsport)

Riz Ahmed

Alan Tudyk

Mads Mikkelsen


There clearly needs be more women involved in this film, preferably Imperials.  Frankly, I’d rather see a Zoe Saldana (or Zoe Saldana 2.0 as perhaps she’s too famous now) than Felicity Jones.  But I’m only rarely (if ever) consulted on these things (actually never consulted on these things).


Here’s an interview with Diego Luna




This film is meant to be a war movie.

No Jedi.  Except maybe a cameo from Vader (which kinda makes sense).



The film will be released in December 2016.  That seems like ages away.