Loose threads from Rebels Season 2

I think I’ve re-watched all of Rebels Season 1 again in the last month.  Though there are some clear questions about what will/won’t/should happen in season 2, there are some residual questions about events and characters that are still outstanding as well.

What did Tseebo tell Hara about Ezra’s parents?

At the end of Gathering Forces Hara implores Tseebo to tell her what happened to Ezra’s parents before he boards Senator Organa’s ship.  What did he tell her?  Her relative silence on the matter can only assume it’s something bad.  Bad can mean meany things: his parents were killed by the Empire (Vader or Tarkin specifically?).  They could have ended up giving intelligence to the Empire that led to them increasing their presence on Lothal.  They could have escaped and are in hiding (but no one knows).  Maybe they’re being forced to work on the Death Star  – or some other horrible location.

There are many options.  But the bigger question is what impact does this have on Ezra?  This is the same episode when Ezra makes a dangerous connection to the Dark Side.  We even see Hara move to tell Ezra something when he and Kanan return to the Ghost (not the right time).  So whatever happened to Ezra, this information could be a danger to him.  This is a common theme in Star Wars – with holding information to prevent its “burden” on the bearer (Luke Skywalker).  We also see the opposite – the Emperor telling Vader that he killed Padme, further fueling his anger.  This information, then, is a critical point to the overall arc of the series.

What Happens to Zare Leonis (and his sister)?

Admittedly, I haven’t read the prequel books about Zare Leonis.  But as far as his presence in the upcoming episodes of Rebels, it’s not clear where he may pop up.  The last we see Leonis, he tips him off to the Empire’s observation of Senator Travis in Vision of Hope.  In this episode, we learn of his transfer off-world.  But that’s all.

His books not withstanding, it would be interesting to see him in another helper role to the Rebels crew, perhaps in helping them uncover the secret to the Emperor’s interest in Lothal (that Minister Tua mentioned prior to her murder).  Whatever happens, I just don’t want him to be killed off.

The whereabouts of his sister would be an interesting plot point itself.  One interesting element would be if she is introduced as an Inquisitor.  This would create a moral hazard for Ezra and the rest of the Ghost crew.

What happens to Jai Kell from Breaking Ranks?

Another question mark from Breaking Ranks is what happens to Jai Kell. We see him leave the Academy with Ezra and go into hiding with his mother.  But we don’t know anything else.  It’s easy to think he lives happily ever after.  But given that he had above average abilities and suspected Jedi abilities himself, it would be very interesting to see if the Empire ultimately captures him and pushes him to become an Inquisitor.  A bit far fetched, but c’mon, it’s all make believe anyways.  Afterall, you can’t really hide from the Empire for long.

The fall-out from Visago’s deal with Ezra

A critical occurrence from Season 1 was Ezra disobeying Hera’s orders and traded a “favor” for information with Visago.  That’s a deal with the proverbial devil.  But what’s going to be the fall-out from this?

My thought would be that Ezra (and the Ghost crew) will need to pull a job for Visago for free.

What data was in Tseebo’s  head?

And again… what information did Tseebo provide to the Rebels?  That was such an interesting set of episodes (Empire Day, Gathering Forces) it would be a shame to not visit this plot element.  There’s perhaps a number of stories that could come from this bit of information and it would be a shame not to see some of the fall-out.