Star Wars News from SDCC [video]

Star Wars news is perhaps the highlight to San Diego Comicon.  The keynote address tonight (July 10, 2015 at 5:30 PM Pacific) will undoubtedly give some interesting news.  Here are some take-aways from the keynote.

Here’s the panel:


Here’s the BTS Reel:



Start: JJ Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, and Lawrence Kasdan

Later: Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, and Daisy Ridley

Later: Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie, Domnhall Gleeson

Even Later: Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford (yeah, you read that right).



Release Date

Abrams says they’re editing. They have a cut of the movie, and are doing fine-tuning. Thanked Bob Iger for giving him the time to complete the movie instead of rushing a May release date.

Lawrence Kasdan has been having a great time and was very happy doing the film.

JJ enjoyed showing John Williams a Star Wars film he’d never seen before.


Keepin it real

The panel re-articulated the focus on practical effects.   They brought character “Baba Joe” on stage.



Neil Scanlan’s studio was responsible for most of the puppets  and creatures. A brams says using practical creature effects “helped the entire process look and feel like it was on the screen because it was.” It helps everything, he says — acting, lighting, all of it.


The Originals Ruled

The team treated the original trilogy as “canon” and relied greatly on Lawrence Kasdan who wrote Ep 5 and 6.  He was certainly useful for writing Han Solo’s lines.



Playing for Old fans and New Fans

The team focused on making a great film and not pandering to fans (good).  Just being in the Millenium Falcon doesn’t make a scene good, everything has to be done well.  “You can’t be blinded by … nostalgia.”


Rogue One… Will start shooting in 3 weeks.



No new trailers.  The team brought behind the scenes footage that shows more about the process of shooting.  Sounds like something that will be in a BlueRay set. “Princess Leia in her new costume, looking like a true military commander.” Great scenes of Storm troopers getting blown up on a lava planet….


New Cast

Good guys: Talked about their training for the film.  Show BTS scenes with Daisey Ridley doing fight training, etc.  Oscar Isaac talks about piloting the Falcon. They also talked about working with Fisher, Ford, and Hammill.  Boyega talks about taking Harrison Ford to a Nigerian restaurant in London.  Oscar Isaac says Ford thought his hair was a wig. Bad Guys:

They showed more about General Hux played by Domnhall Gleeson.  They showed his uniform somewhere between a Sith, not quite Imperial officer.

Adam Driver says they had no conversations about being good or evil when they were making the movie. The conversations were about being bad or right — a character may do bad things, but if they think they’re right, then that’s the right thing for the character.

Christie says she loved that there was a female Stormtrooper, and a strong female character that wasn’t judged by how she looked.

Harrison Ford says it felt “great” being back on Star Wars. Also, his health and foot are fine.  He said Star Wars was really the beginning of is working life and that it is an “emotional rounding” of their first experience.


Kids asked about diversity and if there would be any Asian characters in the film.   Abrams and Kennedy say that it diversity is important and would be part of all of Star Wars projects going forward.

Someone asked a question to which Lawrence Kasdan reponded “did you say Darth Vegas?”.  Clearly… Darth Plagueis question that was dodged.


New Tie Fighter



New Emoji for Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren.