More Insights from Seige of Lothal

We need to talk more about the SW Rebels Season 2 Premier: The Siege of Lothal.

Ahsoka’s Point of View

Although she denies it, I believe Ahsoka knows Vader’s identity.

In this scene, we see her face contort and the look of horror as Vader realizes Ahsoka is on the Ghost.  She passed out.

To be fair, she may not be certain.  Vader may be sufficiently unrecognizable to the Anakin that she knew.

But didn’t she know before?  The sequence of events at the end of Revenge of the Sith would imply that Bail Organa knew the fate of Anakin Skywalker and the deception of The Emperor.  He is raising Anakin’s daughter afterall.  He rescued Yoda after he escaped his fight with The Emperor.

Since Vader & Ahsoka knows this will be the subtext of the rest of the series.  Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ahsoka) indicated at Star Wars Celebration 2015 (mid-April) that she has not recorded any altercation with Vader.  So that may not come until future seasons.


The Empire’s New Normal

Lothal’s expanded imperial presence is an interesting view.  It’s extensive and comprehensive in the way we would have expected from Imperials.

But it also underscores the reason why the Emperor is pushing so hard with The Death Star.  It alleviates the amount of infrastructure needed to keep planets in-line.  In this scenario Rebel groups that could cause trouble for the Empire could get your planet blown up.

So it’s interesting to see the first hand the contents  of the stepped up imperial presence once the Rebels get on the Emperor’s to-do list. They’re not playing around.


Ezra Mirroring Luke

It was also interesting to see several moments where we see events for Ezra mirror those of Luke Skywalker in Episode 4.   We see storm troopers blow up his parents old home in Central City.  We see him running off to witness the burning of Tarkin Town, perhaps his emotional center for the work he was doing with the Ghost crew.  Each mirrors the scenes of Luke running off to see his homestead burning (and the death of his Aunt and Uncle).


Vader lets them go

Copyright Lucasfilm

In watching the confrontation between Vader and Kanan & Ezra, it was clear that Vader could have (should have?) killed one or both of them at any time.  So why didn’t he?

Well, you can’t kill a main cast member in the first episode of the second season.  Even the deaths so far have still be rather ancillary characters.  But mostly, it’s pretty clear that Vader wants them to lead him back to the only point of safety that they know and that’s with the rest of the Rebel fleet.  But then he shows up by himself, “only” takes out one command ship and doesn’t destroy  the Ghost.  He doesn’t have his Star Destroyers destroy the rest of the Rebel Ships. Why?  Was this an oversight?

I mean, it’s still a Victory for Vader.  He got the Rebels off Lothal, identified Ahsoka as being “in league” with them, and destroyed a command ship.  Not a bad bit of flyin’.  But still….

I don’t expect to see Vader again anytime soon this season.  He’s a busy man of course.  But he also can’t be a part of the regular series as it would weaken his character.  But this episode was one hell of a start to the second season.


Other Observations

  • I really enjoyed that we don’t see the Emperor in the final scene.  We’ve seen the Sidious/Emperor hologram so many times before.  This was an interesting twist that adds drama, even though we know what we’re missing. It’s a nice touch.
  • Commander Sato seemed a bit stubborn in the battle against Vader.  I would expected him to be more level headed as a ship commander who needs to protect his crew and fleet.  This does, however, mirror the stubbornness shown by Princess Leia in The Empire Strikes Back during the attack on Hoth.
  • Wasn’t it Zeb’s job to make sure they weren’t getting tracked?  What happened?
  • It was also interesting that a hidden plot by The Emperor was mentioned where Lothal plays a critical role. This certainly explains why he would send Vader in to clear out the Rebel crew.  The going presumption is that Lothal is critical to the construction of the Death Star – possibly a source of Kaibur crystals that are perhaps the critical element to magnifying its power.


More Questions

  • What does Vader think of Kanan and Ezra?  Did he know Kanan at the Jedi Temple?
  • Did Kanan and Ahsoka know each other at the Jedi Temple (they’re fairly close in age)?
  • How does Kanan know what a Sith Lord “feels” like?
  • Where’s Lando, exactly?