Boba Fett Anthology Film Shouldn’t focus on Boba Fett

It’s been rumored, and mostly confirmed, that the second Anthology film will include, if not focus on, Boba Fett.  This is certainly exciting to long-term fans, but I have some misgivings or concerns about this.

Just as Darth Maul won the award for underutilized and awesome villain who dies at the end.  And that Award is named after Boba Fett.  Of the Original Trilogy, he was the one we were left wanting more of.

And eventually we did.  In the Prequels/Clone Wars, we got a lot of back-story and incorporation of him into the broader Star Wars plot lines – certainly more than just a bounty hunter who apparently disintegrates people from time to time.


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Episode II featured a fight between Jango Fett (his dad) and Obiwan as a kind of proxy for a Boba Fett / Jedi fight.  It was good – not great only because the Prequels weren’t implemented that well (but it was good).

The Clone Wars featured many episodes with him.  We saw him in league with many great bounty hunters – Aurra Sing, Bossk, and even an unfinished episode with Cad Bane.

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In fact… we kinda know a lot about Boba Fett.  We know his origins, parentage, training, and even been on some adventures via the Clone Wars.  The only real mystery is how bad ass he really is.  And I think that’s what Rogue One should focus on.

We don’t need to know his back story or understand his character arc.  We really only need to have his motivations and intentions revealed to us – all while showing his particular set of skills.

There are many characters/movies that do this.  A few that come to mind:

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) – Gene Wilder’s Willie Wonka character was talked about for the entire first half of the film.  It was only through suffering through his hijinks inside the chocolate factory did we finally understand his motives and motivations behind his behavior.

Salieri – Amadeus (1984)

Amadeus (1984) – In this film, we follow Salieri – the antagonist – as he follows and plots against his nemesis Mozart.  It is through this plotting that we come to the grand appreciation for Mozart’s talents – all with only a minimal amount of character setup and no introspection from Mozart.

The other way to do it – Moneyball (2011).  In this film, we follow an emotional arc with Billie Beane that only really culminates through a revelation of why he cares so much about a sport he rather disdains.  That would be kinda lame Boba Fett feature – especially since we know all the backstory to Boba.

Amadeus is an unmatched, Oscar-winning film.  So it’s hard to expect this as a benchmark.  But I think this tactic for story telling would allow the most amount of action and plot movement and not waste it on Boba Fett’s backstory.

There’s still a lot about this film that we don’t know about: timing (pre or post Sarlaac pit) or other character interactions (Han Solo? On Ord Mantell pre-Empire).  And that matters too.  This would be a great opportunity to actually learn more about Han Solo and how he matched up against Boba.

We’ll learn soon enough.  Oh, and this time disintegrations are mandatory.




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