What we want to see in Star Wars Rebels Season 2

Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels premiers on Saturday (June 20).  The Season 2 trailer released in April got us excited, but it, perhaps, didn’t give the whole story of Season 2.  There’s a lot of different story lines implied by the end of Season 1 and from the Season 2 trailer.  We see new characters (a Calimarian who developed the B-Wing?) and some old ones (Rex, Vader, Ahsoka, Hondo).  But there’s a few character stories to which we want special attention paid.

Here’s a few below:


Ahsoka mentoring Kanan

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Ahsoka is really the only remaining connection that Kanan has to the Jedi order.  They both share a lot of similarities – both were trained by Jedi Council members and were really the last Padawans of the Jedi order.  But Ahsoka fought in the height of the clone wars wheres Kanan was on the side lines.  She is far more prepared for the type of activities and tradeoffs that a rebellion against the Empire requires.  So it would be very interesting to see the interaction between the two as Kanan struggles with understanding and accepting his jedi abilities and his mentorship of Ezra with the demands of fighting a rebellion.


Kanan conflict with Rex


Rex is a Clone Trooper.  The Clone Troopers were programmed to betray and murder the Jedi. So… what’s up with Rex?  The producers have referred to this tension and uncertainty with Kanan about Rex.  But mostly we want to understand what role Rex played in Order 66 and understand Kanan’s reconciliation of this.


Clarification of Hera and Kanan’s relationship

So I’ve mentioned in previous posts that there’s something going on between Kanan and Hera that we’re all not quite clear on.  The one element of Rebels that we haven’t gotten is some kind of love story.   So it would be great to hear more about this relationship this season.


More about Tarkin

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Season 1 only got really good when Tarkin arrived and began imposing…consequences.  He’s clearly a powerful leader in the Empire and has some special responsibilities in the outer rim (*cough* Death Star).  He’s a fascinating character who we don’t really know much about (unless you’ve read the book Tarkin which I’m still working on).  We only get to see him in action in a few episodes from Season 1 and even a couple from The Clone Wars.  He’s a great villain and it would be great to learn more about him.


Ezra learning to use a light saber


In the Season 2 trailer, we get a very fast glimpse of Ezra fighting an Inquisitor.  The last time we saw him in a battle with an Inquisitor, he ended up unconscious with a scar – and didn’t even get in a shot of his own.  I really love to see his ability to improvise on his feet, but it would be great to see him take some steps forward in his ability to fight.


Ezra struggling with the Dark Side

It Gathering Forces, we see Ezra make an unhealthy connection with The Dark Side.  Master Yoda’s words to Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back came to mind immediately:

Once you start down the Dark path forever will dominate your destiny.  Consume you it will, as it did Obiwan’s Apprentice.

We also got some glimpses of Ezra’s fear and anger in Path of the Jedi during his discussion with Master Yoda.  So what is Ezra’s fate with the Dark Side?  Given Vader’s presence in Season 2 it will be interesting to see where his path takes him.



And we want move Vader.



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