Important Arcs of Star Wars The Clone Wars

If you haven’t gotten into Star Wars The Clone Wars, shame on you.  It’s one of the best series in TV history, not just animated TV history.  Admittedly, I wasn’t able to get into it while it was aired on TV. But since it appeared on Netflix (along with the finished Season 6 episodes), I was able to binge watch.  But it’s a lot to binge watch through, even for a Star Wars fan like me. So which ones are the best to watch?

One of the great parts of the series is that several (usually 4) episodes are written around the same short storylines.  As such, the entire series are made up into many of these “arcs”.

This series has really established a new standard for the Star Wars Universe in terms of quality of story, writing, and character developments.  It really makes up for all of the shortcomings inherent to all of the feature films and represents what Star Was can and should be.

But Six-ish seasons is a lot of content.  Even the most ardent Star Wars fan like myself can’t quite binge watch all of it straight.  So which arcs are the most worth watching?

All of them.  Seriously.

But there’s a few that I think are the most additive to the overall Star Wars narrative and provide characterization of the most important characters within the series.  There are several great arcs that aren’t on this list (you should watch those too).  It’s my opinion that they’re not quite as additive to the broader narrative for these characters or towards the overall Clone Wars story.



Onderon (5.2-5)

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Ahsoka becomes intimately involved as an aid for a rebel group on Onderon looking to force out the Separatist Droid Army that has overtaken the rule of the planet.  We see Ahsoka’s insights into running a succesful rebellion in these episodes as well as understand the lessons of taking losses in order to achieve the larger goal.


Eminance  (5.14-16)

Maul & Oppress take over Death Watch and form a large alliance among various criminal organizations.  Obiwan seeks to rescue dutchess Satine and Darth Sidious takes issue with Maul’s actions.  We see some great action and emotionally charged events involving Obiwan.


5s Discovers Order 66 plot (6.1-6.4)

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After a clone trooper kills a Jedi during a battle, a secret chip is uncovered about the nature of all of the Clones – a secret program embedded in a biological “chip” that is designed to harm the Jedi.  Clone Trooper 5s struggles to reveal this plot to anyone who will listen, including the Emperor.



Sabotage (5.17-20)

Ahsoka is falsely accused of a murder in the Jedi temple and is put on trial.  She attempts to clear her name while trying to figure out the identify of the true murderer.  She even creates a tentative partnership with Asajj Ventress.  This is one of the most emotionally charged episode as it shows the discord facing the Jedi council as the events of Episode III emerge.



Yoda’s Journey (6.10-6.13)

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We learn more about the lore of the force through Yoda’s journey to learn the secret of Jedi immortality after death.  We learn more about the aspects of the force that enables the events of The Original Trilogy.


 Honorable Mention:

The Gathering (5.6-8): Younglings construct their light sabers.

Brother (4.21-22,5.1): Savage Oppress finds his brother Maul

General Krell (4.7-10):  A crooked Jedi takes control of a team of Clone Troopers and uses them to pursue his own search for power.

Rookie Troopers (3.1-2,1.5):   Through these episodes, we see a group of rookie troopers learn to work together and face several challenges.  We learn more about how Clone Troopers are trained and get a glimpse into their personal perspectives on their ability to fight.


Again, these are just a few of really dozens of great episodes.  You should really watch the entire series.  But if you had to pick just a few, these are my suggestions. I think they capture a lot about what The Clone Wars was trying to display in their character development, action sequences, scale within the SW Universe, and production quality.  I think these episodes really contribute to the overall Star Wars Saga and represent the very best of Star Wars.