Residual Questions from Star Wars Rebels Season 1

The first season of Star Wars Rebels was fantastic.  We saw old friends and made some new ones.  But there are several big questions raised by the first season that we have yet to get some kind of resolution.  While there are some obvious ones (What happened to Ezra’s parents?), there are a few that I think merit some attention.  Here are a few of the big ones.

Why did Kanan Reveal Himself?

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In Spark of Rebellion, we see Kanan “let everyone in on the secret” by pulling out his light saber in a stand-off against Imperial troops.  After all we’ve learned about Kanan, especially from A New Dawn, that this is perhaps the most significant gesture he has made in his adult life.


In A New Dawn, we learned about Kanan’s discomfort with being a Force user.  He actively hid his Force abilities out of a disdain for them (and to allay detection by the Empire).  Effectively orphaned as a Padowan, he laments that he didn’t/wasn’t able to use his abilities to save his Jedi family.

So to just see him pull out his light saber in the middle of a firefight (rather unremarkable to many of the other adventures we’ve seen) seemed like a huge step for this character.  We don’t really know what led him there to take such big steps all at once – detection and embracing his abilities to save his friends.


How Many Languages can Sabine Speak?

Sabine seems to be the most impressive of The Ghost‘s crew.  Her combat skills are amazing and she speaks all types of languages.  She’s also very technically capable.  She’s clearly been trained and educated by the best.

We assume she’s mandalorian given her armor. We also know she attended the Imperial Academy.  She loves art and she has trust issues. But that’s it.  Nothing more.

She’s such an interesting character, but she’s really without much depth (so far).  She’s got a great resume and she’s been flawless in action.  But we don’t have much emotional context with her.  And we’re going to need to get that.


What’s up with Kanan and Hera?

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On no fewer than two occasions, we hear Hera refer to Kanan as “love” (in Spark of Rebellion) or “dear” (in Fire Across the Galaxy).  That’s pretty cozy language between plutonic friends.  But in A New Dawn, Hera made it clear, she wasn’t interested.  They have separate sleeping quarters.  But they show consistent affection towards each other.

So what’s going on?


So who else survived?

It’s not lost on me that several individuals survived Order 66.  We knew about Yoda and Obiwan.  And Vader.  Kanan and Ahsoka are the revelations.  Ezra is a new comer.  So while Master Luminara kinda made a cameo, it begs the question who else survived Order 66.  I mean, 3 survivors out of “around 10,000” is a tiny fraction (0.03%).  Four or five survivors would be similarly tiny.

So who else could have survived?  I’ll point out that we never actually saw Mace Windu die (remember how Luke survived his fall from Cloud City after his hand was cut off?).  Did any of the various younglings from The Clone Wars episodes make it?

One more cameo or perhaps the appearance of an unknown Jedi character would be very interesting.

Ahsoka may be all we get though.  Which is not a bad thing.  But… you know. Who else?


What did the Rebels get out of Seebo?

Remember that episode when the crew encountered Seebo – the Rodian / Lobot character – and got him off of Lothal and delivered to Fulcrum?  What happened after that?  What new information did they find in his memory?



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