We Didn’t get Enough of these Star Wars Characters

The best part of Star Wars is the steady stream of interesting, cool characters.  Darth Vader is perhaps the greatest movie villain of all time.  But there are a few characters that were just too cool and we got too little of them in the films or animated series.  And since our imaginations can imagine quite a bit, I’m leaving out any print content on these characters as part of the Star Wars experience is to see them in action on-screen. So… here are the top few.


Boba Fett

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The Sarlaac pit wasn’t a fitting end to Boba Fett.  Though he barely had any lines in Empire or Return of the Jedi (let alone his cameo in A New Hope).

Boba Fett developed a cult following in the years following Return of the Jedi.  One of the first Expanded Universe storylines involved Boba climbing out of the Sarlaac pit.  He looks cool and has really cool weapons. But we didn’t really get a taste of what he could really do in that skirmish on Tatooine.

Jango Fett was meant to satisfy this taste.  George wrote a rather convoluted story into Episode II that would bake the Fett family into the very fabric of the Clone Wars era.  I’m ok with this, but it felt quite contrived.  Jango had a couple good scenes that showed how awesome he was.  But c’mon.  Jedi > Fett.

We want to see Boba Fett in action.  We’re going to.  The second anthology film is rumored (rather credibly) to be about Boba Fett and perhaps Han Solo.  It’s unclear of the story/plot so it could be quite interesting.


Darth Maul

Darth Maul’s “death” at the end of  The Phantom Menace was a travesty.  He was the most intersting character of that film (not hard) and one of the most of the entire Star Wars Saga. He was short, alien, and athletic.  And he was evil.  He was cunning.  Unfortunately, he only said 16 words in the entire film.  Still, he played a huge role in the plot.  He relentlessly hunted down the Jedi and Queen Amidala who only narrowly escaped.

The light saber battle at the end of TPM was one of the best of all of Star Wars (series or films).  Ray Park’s performance, while brief, just lept off the screen.  His physicality and menacing performance really added to the perceived threat to our main characters.

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Even still, there were four (fantastic!) episodes of The Clone Wars and a subsequent comic featuring Maul.  And it wasn’t enough either.  He is/was one of the most fascinating and menacing characters in the Star Wars Universe (from the Prequels no less).

So what would we like to see of him?  A few things come to mind:

1) Vader killing Maul(!) No explanation needed on this one.  It would be epic.

2) Clone troopers hunting down and killing Maul.  This would be an interesting test for the Clones, especially since they were responsible for the decimation of the Jedi.


Admiral Ackbar

The fish guy is what we called him when I was young.  The Mon Calimarian Admiral Ackbar is the leader of the Rebel Fleet during the Battle of Endor.   He’s actually quite famous among fans.  He’s so famous, he was subject of an student initiative to be the new mascot for the University of Mississippi (Ol’ Miss) Running Rebels (he would be a less historically controversial mascot).  He is also famous for one of the best one-liners in all of Star Wars:

Ackbar is an interesting character by himself, however.  He’s visually interesting and notably different than the rest of the aliens we’ve seen in Star Wars.  He also serves as a strict contrast to the the strictly human Imperial leadership, further characterizing the differing values of the Rebel Alliance.

Ackbar also appeared in three episodes of The Clone Wars (“Water War”, “Gungan Attack”, “Prisoners”) that showed him to be courageous in a very intense situation.  They were great stories, but seemed a bit abbreviated. In many ways, Ackbar serves as the primary glimpse into the Mon Calimari. These episodes only served to make us more interested in how this young Captain became an Admiral for the Alliance.  That’s really the story that is begging to be told as I think it would be at the heart of why the Empire prohibits aliens in its ranks and how it treats alien species.



Cad Bane

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The Clone Wars introduced several new fantastic characters.  Ahsoka Tano is on the top of that list.  But second on the list was Cad Bane.  He was everything that we wanted, but couldn’t have from Boba Fett.  He is smart, cunning, and fearless. He’s outwitted and out-fought the Jedi and lived to tell about it.

Bane is a bounty hunter unlike those we have ever encountered. Even someone like Darth Sidious called him to execute his sinister plans.  And of all of those that served him, Bane never really failed at his missions.  We got 10 Clone Wars episodes (3 Arcs) with Cad Bane, but there is so much more we had hoped to see.

I think my favorite Cad Bane episodes were the arcs including “Holocron Heist, “Cargo of Doom”, and “Children of the Force”.  In this arc, Bane goes right up against the Jedi on Coruscant and across the galaxy.  In particular, Bane is able to escape capture by disguising himself as a Clone Trooper.  It’s a classic move (Crocodile Dundee II anyone?), but it’s fantastically done in these episodes.

So what else would we have liked to see?  We got tantalized by an unfinished episode shown at Celebration that showed Cad in a mentorship role with Boba Fett.   That sounds like a great storyline for two characters on this list.




That’s right, we never got a good fix of Chewie.  We see him in all of the Original films and in a (stupid) cameo in Revenge of the Sith.  He also randomly shows up in one episode of Clone Wars (“Wookie Hunt”).  So he has a lot of screen time.  And yet, we know very little about him.  We know that he was persecuted by the Empire (and see indications of Wookie enslavement on Rebels and other places).  We also know he’s very mechanically inclined, especially in welding which he did throughout the beginning of Episode V (it’s the most interesting on-screen activity).

But we never get to see him rip somebody’s arm out of their socket when he loses.  We don’t know what kind of long life he’s lived or what accomplishments he’s made.  We really have no appreciation for the life-debt that he owes to Han for saving him from the Empire. Was this a hard decision? Did he experience loss through this experience that culminated with his experience with Han?

We just don’t know.  And we want to know.  And we want to see him bust some heads.  I can only hope we get to see some of this in The Force Awakens.