Unfinished Clone Wars Episodes

We all miss Star Wars The Clone Wars.  It was and is a great series.  It’s great that it lives on Netflix and is always available (and I hope Disney keeps it that way).  But it was incomplete.  It’s great that we have Season 6 to provide some closure.  But there was more that Lucasfilm was working on that never quite made it.

They’ve referred to this unfinished content as the legacy of the Clone Wars and have released much of it in various formats.  Below is a synopsis of some of this content.

Crystal Crisis on Utapau

The first of the unfinished episodes are the Crystal Crisis on Utapau.  This episode is an interesting mystery where Anakin and Obiwan uncover a Separatist plan to acquire a Kaibur crystal (Kaibur crystal is a reference to the crystal at the center of one of the first Star Wars novels, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, though they’re very different).  This Kaibur crystal has special properties that would give the Separatists a significant weapon.

It’s a fantastic episode that reveals more about this planet’s place in Episode III.  It also gives some content to Anakin’s response to Ahsoka’s leaving the Jedi Order.

The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch are an elite group of clone troopers with desirable genetic mutations that give them each special traits.  In the vein of The Avengers, each comes with their own set of skills…and limitations.  These are awesome, action-packed, and funny episodes.  You’ll even see the Republic base on Anaxes, the ruins of which make up the setting for the Rebels Episode Out of Darkness.

Want some behind-the-scenes info?  Watch this panel discussion on The Bad Batch episodes from SW Celebration 2015.

More unfinished Episodes

A panel discussion at the recent Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 covered much of this work and provide peaks into many of the unfinished content animatics.  These are really fun story reels that weren’t quite far enough along to be able to release in their final form.

Other content

In addition to the unfinished episodes, the Star Wars team has found other mediums to release content.

The first of this legacy content is Son of Dathomir, a comic book series that tells the story of Darth Maul after he is captured by Darth Sidius.   It’s an exciting novel that pits the dark alliances garnered by Maul against the forces of Dooku and Darth Sidius.

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More forthcoming is Dark Disciple, a novel about the unlikely pairing of former dark assassin Asajj Ventress and Jedi Quinlan Voss.  It will be released in July 2015.