Star Wars Rogue One: Panel & Teaser

Star Wars Celebration brought many new trailers to fans.  One that has gotten less press has been for the new Anthology Series Film, Rogue One.  There isn’t very much known about Rogue One, but it takes place just before Episode IV A New Hope and is about a group of rebels who steal the Death Star plans (lots of questions).  There was a panel discussion at the event where the trailer was shown (twice actually).  See for yourself (Trailer is at 10:13).

The panel goes to pretty good lengths to describe Rogue One as having a different feel and focus than the traditional Star Wars films that we know.   Rogue One’s aim is to be more of a war movie and has attracted talent from films such as Zero Dark Thirty.  It’s objective is to be different than a typical Star Wars movie (or adventure movies in general) where the good guys and bad guys are clearly defined.

This takes a lot of courage.  Could you imagine a spin off of, say, Game of Thrones, that’s a comedy?

We fans should be encouraged by this.  We’ve seen what larger studios will do with large character properties.  We may have enjoyed having movies like Spider Man, Transformers, X-Men, Iron Man / Avengers, and Batman get their due attention, there’s nothing really epic about these films.  I never stood in line for hours for any of them.  I don’t anxiously await the next releases.  I don’t tell my friends “I know everything there is to know about [insert corporate character here].  The fact that Disney is so willing to continue to develop not just a new Star Wars trilogy (or whatever), but also enable and encourage story experimentation with important events and characters in the saga should be seen as the proper stewardship that we were hoping for post-George Lucas.