Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Trailer [UPDATED]

This. Looks. Awesome!



A Noble Cause

Apparently, our Rebels undertake a new We rob from the Empire. .. give to the needy.  A noble cause.




“We will squeeze Lothal until someone reveals the whereabouts of these traitors.” ~ Vader

Apparently, this is the Vader we’ve been looking for.  From a few clips, we see Vader leading storm troopers, destroying rebel ships in his TIE, and facing off against Ezra and Kanan(!).  We want this of course, but we also know this is a mismatch.  So what’s really going on here?  We could be seeing clips of the season finale.  And it looks like it might be worth the wait.



One of the things we never really got from the original Star Wars Trilogy was a real, full dose of Vader being evil.  We see his obsession with Luke and we see him fighting X-Wings from this TIE.  But it all felt a tad fleeting, albeit amazing (don’t get me wrong).  Rebels is an excellent venue to see more prime-time Vader through more story arcs than afforded by the original films.



More Inquisitors


We also get a few more glimpses of Inquisitors with the same type of fold-out/spinning light sabers.  From this trailer, it appears to be two: a male and a female.  It even looked like there was a brief clip of Ahsoka fighting one of them.  Given their apparent ages, these inquisitors could be “children of the Force” trained by the Emperor to serve him.  There will be continued speculation as to who they are, but I won’t do that this time.  We’ll just enjoy it when we see it.


More Space


It also looks from these clips that we get more space battles.  We don’t see much of Lothal from these clips, though it appears to still be at the heart of the plot.  But it appears we may get lots more space battles (some with Vader).

“For the good of Lothal, we have to leave.” ~ Hera

More Clones


Captain Rex and the 501st will make an apperance.  It’s not clear that it’s for more than one episode (if they’re smart, it’ll be like 4), but it’ll be great to see this team in action.  There are lots of questions around the presence of clones as well: don’t they live shorter lives?  How are they still alive?  Did they participate in Order66?

This is also clearly pandering to the various 501st Legion fan clubs around the world.  But I don’t think Star Wars should be above pandering to fans.  For all of the shortcomings of the Star Wars films over the years, it’s really the fans who lay at the heart of this franchise.  So pander away!



Here’s a great panel discussion with the Rebels cast at SWCelebration2015


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