Foreshadowing Rebels Season 2

Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels was really fantastic.  It started with a spark of rebellion and ended up as a Fire Across the Galaxy.  Our family of rebels went from stealing food for the hungry to infiltrating Imperial prisons, stealing illegal weapons, smuggling classified Imperial military information (Zeebo) off Lothal back to Fulcrum,  infiltrating a Imperial communications tower, and destroying a Grand Moff’s Star Destroyer.  Not bad for 13 episodes.

Season 2 is supposed to be many more episodes (they must have gotten the right budget approvals) and has already been recorded.  I’m sure there may be a lot of pretty decent rumors out there. But I have my own thoughts about what we hope to see in Season 2 (or beyond).

More Rebels

Commander Sato.
Commander Sato. Copyright Lucasfilm.

We’ve been promised to learn more about the other rebel cells.  Rebels Recon even showed several artist renderings of the other Rebel cells, namely Commander Sato.  I don’t know who that is, but he sounds cool.  I also wonder if we’re going to finally meet Captain Antilles.  The concept are of  some of the new ships are also intriguing.

Screenshot 2015-03-13 09.54.22

Governor Pryce

You may not have noticed, but we actually haven’t met the Governor of Lothal, Governor Arihnda Pryce.  She’s always been somewhere else during various episodes.  On the “Empire Day” episode, she was said to be visiting The Emperor on Coruscant.  Usually in a TV series, this kind of thing is often the result of a contract dispute (I’m reminded of that season of The Dukes of Hazard when Bo & Luke’s “cousins” were brought in).  But this could also be a premonition of the various Imperial developments on Lothal.   I even suspect this is why Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and wife of Freddie Printz Jr. – Kanan’s voice) was announced to be a part of Season 2.

Zeebo & Ezra’s Parents

The Bridger family. Copyright Lucasfilm.

It’s not clear that Ezra’s parents are going to play any more than a symbolic role in this series.  But it would be good to finally hear what Zeebo knew about the fate of Ezra’s parents.  We also know that our rebel team provided Fulcrum/Ahsoka with a ton of Imperial information.  It would be great to hear how that information has helped further their cause or set up some first strike missions.

What would be more informational is if they find information about the Death Star and its plans.  It would be even better if Ezra’s parents were on board the Death Star and the team had to rescue them a-la Princess Leia in ANH.

Bounty Hunters

Greedo. Copyright Lucasfilm.

In the episode “Call to Action”  Senator Gall Travis (while recommitting himself to the Empire) publicly denounced our group of Rebels as “insurgents” and personally placed a reward for their capture.  That’s what we call in the Star Wars Universe… a bounty.  And bounties tend to attract… Bounty Hunters.

There’s a lot of places we can go with Bounty Hunters.  There was a lot of ground covered with them in The Clone Wars.  Pretty much the ones we know are still out there – Cad Bane, Boba Fett, Dengar, etc. We could see any of them and I’d be happy.  But I think there’s a more interesting opportunity to bring back characters such as Hondo.  Both of them are great characters with their own merits and each have a relationship with both Vader and Ahsoka / Fulcrum.

My bet, though, is to see some action from Greedo. This would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about his character and see him in action a bit. I’d also appreciate a Garindan appearance.

Revenge of Asmoregon

Asmoregon – the guy who sold/lost the puffer pig to Lando – is still out there with a ship and an attitude.  While he was a vile creature, he didn’t seem like he took too many losses.

Ezra’s Debt to Visago

Visago’s also an interesting grey area for the show.  Part of me actually thinks he may be redeemable, though we haven’t seen any reasons why we should think that.  But then again,  saw Lando turn Han over to Vader and we learned to love/like/whatever him.  We even saw Han Shoot Greedo (first) and he turned out ok.

But it’s also not sure how big of a threat this is for our Rebels.  The Imperials already know who they are and where they operate.  There’s already a bounty on their heads.  So it’s not clear what the down-side risk would be for them by blowing off Visago.  That’s not a very Jedi-thing to do though either. So I could see this betrayal leading to some other precarious situations.  I’d love to see said situation be an opportunity for Visago to do the right thing.

Vader and…

Season 1 ended with Vader emerging from an Imperial shuttle following Grand Moff Tarkin.  It would be great to get a full dose of Vader every episode.  That may, however, be too much to hope for (but I’m hoping anyways) and I’m not sure it would be the best for the series.  In this sense, Kanan and, perhaps, Ahsoka have to have light saber fights with somebody.  And any light saber fight with Vader is going to end with Vader winning.  And that would end this trip real quick wouldn’t it?

What might be interesting is if there’s another inquisitor-type character.  Another force user who could go after our Rebels and provide some interesting light saber fights.  Who could they get?  The obvious answers could be another inquisitor or even a General Grievus-type character.  It would also be interesting opportunity to bring in Asajj Ventress – she would tick both the Inquisitor or Bounty Hunter boxes.

One hope could also be Mara Jade.  But that’s perhaps a bridge too far.

Princess Leia?

“There’ll be no escape for the Princess this time.” ~ C-3PO

I wouldn’t bet Princes Leia will make an appearance at this stage of the series.  At this point in time, she’s about the same age as Ezra (15-ish).  She perhaps isn’t active in the Imperial Senate, but who knows (Queen Amidala was 14…).  However, she it would make for a more interesting love triangle with Ezra and Sabine (depending on what exactly has been going on between them when they’ve been running off to paint certain captured tie fighters).  But if Vader and Tarkin can make appearances, then so can she.